Marillion “Somewhere Else” CD Listening & Performance (2/24/2007)

I have kept Marillion and their music in a special place in my musical mind based on the impact that “Misplaced Childhood” had on me as an album, and how from this band a number of long lasting friendships had been established from their shows. With this in mind, it made perfect sense to be a part of the bands fan and media CD listening for their forthcoming album “Somewhere Else”. It was held at Kenny’s Castaways in Greenwich Village NYC and would find guitarist Steve Rothery and bassist Pete Trewavas present and playing the new album a few times before taking the stage themselves. I attended with my good friend Peter Pardo who guides the website called the Sea Of Tranquillity along with my buddy Abe and Pete’s comrade in arms Steve. The night’s activity is delivered in full on the article that you can read on below the logo.

Logo - Marillion

Artist: Marillion
Venue: Kenny’s Castaways (New York, NY)
Event: “Somewhere Else” Album Listening Party
Date: 2/24/2007
Label: MVD Entertainment

I have been listening to Marillion on and off for a number of years. It began for me with “Misplaced Childhood” when they were fronted by their former singer Fish (Derek Dick). During this time the Progressive Rock group delivered some of the most inspired “epic poetry” placed to music that I had ever heard. When Fish left, I was skeptical about the bands future until I heard their new singer Steve Hogarth. He was a man who had a different range and register from Fish as well as his own ideas which would transform the style and sound of the group going forward. It’s been almost twenty years since he joined and quite a few recordings and special edition releases. Tonight I would be able to take part in an official album listening party for the bands newest album and the scene would be New York City’s own Kenny’s Castaways in Greenwich Village. Here are some thoughts on the overall evening.

Having been to several listening functions as a member of the music media I expected the presence of a couple of the band members, and as luck would have it bassist Peter Trewavas and guitarist Steve Rothery would be in attendance to present the album to the attendees. Normally, the artist will say something to the participants and then present the album and then take questions and answers about it or conduct their interviews. I remember the Voivod listening where we all sat quietly as it rocked – the same happened recently with the Porcupine Tree forthcoming. Tonight would be a little different as this event was open also to the bands fan base and a good number of them were in attendance with the album already spinning long before the scheduled time we were set to hear it. It was quickly after arriving that I felt this was not the most opportune setting for such a function as there was crowd noise and the album was just not playing on every area of the club. The new release is called “Somewhere Else”, and from what I was able to digest in the bar was pretty good but as I said the numerous distractions made it really difficult to absorb and appreciate for the sake of future reporting. I was able to find it a logical step from their last album “Marbles”, but in all honesty I need to sit with it quietly to better realize comments to the public about it.

Rothery and Trewavas were both very cordial and after the first spin of the CD got up on stage and performed four acoustic numbers from the bands catalog. I was both surprised and impressed to find Peter singing as well as he did and really holding his own on songs from the Fish and Hogarth years. He also spoke to the crowd regarding touring and especially with news about the United States citing that nothing was in the works for this region at the moment. Over the past few years the Marillion fan club has funded a number of their efforts and could very well be called upon to do so again. During the jamming of “Sugar Mice” (one of the most popular Fish-era songs), the entire bar seemed to be singing with them. I really think it was great for them to open this up to the general public, but when it is designed to serve also as a media function they need to set it up a little better. Do the media listening first and get the writers, photographers and etcetera out of the way and then open to the fans and kick back and enjoy the time with them. I admire Marillion’s connection to their fans as many other bands cannot even claim a half of this. It was a good time with friends when it came down to it, and featured some great music and the presence of Marillion. I can think of worse things. Watch for their new album “Somewhere Else” as it will be available in the States care of MVD Entertainment.

Set List:
1. 80 Days
2. Easter
3. Answering Machine
4. Sugar Mice

Official Web site:

One thought on “Marillion “Somewhere Else” CD Listening & Performance (2/24/2007)”

  1. another well written article by the Maestro. But as far as this having been a media event, well, Marillion have never had that great a relationship with the press, always being lumped in with “prog” bands, or in the “where are they now” category by critics with tunnel vision who refused to see the band as viable after Fish’s departure. I think that’s why this listening party was geared more for the fans enjoyment then a media function. Marillion have always relied on their rabid fan base to keep them afloat, to the point of asking the fans to pre-order albums without even having recorded a note. They had listening parties for “Somewhere Else’ all over the world, and from what I was told each event was the same party like atmosphere.

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