Marduk Facing Visa Delays: Will Miss Dates On “Frontschwein” Tour 2016

A few months ago I posted a touring announcement for Marduk’s upcoming “Frontschwein” Tour which you can review on THIS LINK. The tour was set to begin today but earlier in the AM hours the band Marduk released a statement citing that their Visas were causing an issue. Read on below.

Tour - Marduk - 2016

The Statement:
“We are outraged as we have bad news for our US fans…Still today, we’re still experiencing unexpected delays with immigration, causing us to wait a few more days before traveling to North America. We realistically expect to be able to start our tour early next week, although there’s no way to be 100% sure since it’s in the hands of the government. We ask that you please be understanding of the situation, as we’re trying to come over as soon as we get clearance. In the meantime, keep supporting the other bands on the package – Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Necronomicon – who will still perform as planned. Apologies for this unfortunate situation, which is out of our control, More news will follow after Labor Day weekend.” /Marduk

The Tour Dates:
09/02/16: Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room (no Marduk/show cancelled by promoters)
09/03/16: Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum (no Marduk)
09/04/16: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (no Marduk)
09/05/16: Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage (no Marduk)
09/06/16: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre (no Marduk)
09/07/16: Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall (no Marduk)
09/08/16: Montreal, QC @ L’Astral (no Marduk)
09/09/16: Toronto, ON @ The Opera House (no Marduk)
09/10/16: Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa (no Marduk)
09/11/16: Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s (no Marduk)
09/12/16: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock (no Marduk)
09/13/16: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room (no Marduk)
09/14/16: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre (no Marduk)
09/16/16: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre (no Marduk)
09/17/16: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven (no Marduk)
09/18/16: Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom (no Marduk)
09/19/16: Oakland, CA @ Metro Opera House (no Marduk)
09/20/16: Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS (no Marduk)
09/21/16: Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater (no Marduk)
09/22/16: Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto (no Marduk)
09/23/16: El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall (no Marduk)
09/24/16: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill (no Marduk)
09/25/16: Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar (no Marduk)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It always sucks when the issues with the Visas happen but this is more and more common and let’s face it, the USA is fast approaching the 15th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks and that ALWAYS puts administrative powers that be on edge and finds them taking much more time with things. Bands need to make sure that ALL of their paperwork is pristine and complete and done in a timely fashion to avoid any potential issues. That’s assuming the problems are on the bands side. These sort of news flashes make the fans blame the governments but I know full well that its not always them at fault at a lot lies on the band not doing something correctly. I have made notes on a few of the dates that will surely not have Marduk on the bill since the news came today and we have the holiday weekend up next and nothing is going to be done for their cause with that happening as far as administration. Marduk has not given light on when we can expect them to arrive but if they announce more gigs being missed I will update this list of dates for reference. As they have noted in the statement, the shows will continue along as planned with the other bands so if you are one of those fans who wanted to see everyone you should still go. If not, you better get your money back quick so you don’t lose a penny. Good luck Marduk.

Update 9/4/2016: A Facebook post by Season Of Mist Records (the label for Necronomicon, Rotting Christ etc.) noted that both the NYC and Boston show would not feature Marduk. There has still been NO update from the band themselves at the point of this edit. They did say they would be sorting it out after the Labor Day holiday weekend which is still in progress.

Update 9/7/2016: In order to keep the nationwide readers that were interested in these shows up to date I wanted to make mention that there is still no word from the band Marduk about their status (after the first one on 9/2, so five days of wondering). I’ve been making note as each and every venue announces the day of their show that Marduk will not be appearing and many are surprised at no official statement on this matter yet. Fans are even leaving angry notes to the bands Facebook, so if you don’t care about the other bands I think its best you try to get your money back before you cannot anymore. Good luck.

Update 9/12/16: From the Marduk Facebook Page “As the situation with the US visa still havent been solved, the booking agency together with Marduk have decided to postpone the tour! News regarding rebooked dates and so on will be posted as soon as the time for the tour has been decided.”

Additional PiercingMetal Thoughts: The band statement is very unclear whether the remaining shows will still be held and feature Rotting Christ and the rest. I have several emails out about this outcome and suggest you call venues before its too late and get your money back if you need to. For now I have edited the rest of the dates to just say “No Marduk”. When and If another tour gets assembled you will surely see a post about it here on the website.

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