“Marbles On The Road” by Marillion

Artist: Marillion
Title: “Marbles On The Road”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 5/10/2005
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 8/10

Marillion is one of those bands that always seem to use their time in the most effective manner. They do this by recording a lot, and touring in their native UK almost non-stop but one thing that always has stood out for me was the release of product from the band. It is almost every few months that we see something happening in the Marillion camp whether it be a CD or DVD or Book. Last year the group returned to the States to support the new CD “Marbles”. I went with some hesitation as it had been awhile since I liked “new” Marillion material yet I have to admit that I was blown away by the album (which was presented in its entirety as it seemed). The release of the DVD “Marbles On The Road” is perfect for any Marillion fan who either attended or missed it somehow and still wants to get part of the picture. Either of those fans would enjoy this piece in their collection. A wonderful mix of Progressive Rock, “Marbles” is clearly Marillion’s best effort in some years and not a second of the experience is lost in this concert film.

Recorded at London’s Astoria theater this video is a worthy purchase as a momento of this tour. It features the entire performance which is a plus (as sometimes we find an incomplete concert when they release this stuff). There are also a couple of extra videos included, but I think the band would have been best served by adding a full interview to the piece. Especially since they have not been in the USA for some 7 years, it might have been interesting to hear their take on their continued allegiance in the States and abroad after all this time.

Track Listing:
1. The Invisible Man
2. Marbles I
3. You’re Gone
4. Angelina
5. Marbles II
6. Don’t Hurt Yourself
7. Fantastic Place
8. Marbles III
9. The Damage
10. Marbles IV
11. Neverland
12. Bridge
13. Living With The Big Lie
14. The Party
15. Between You And Me
16. Uninvited Guest
17. Cover My Eyes

Bonus Features:
1. “Marbles” Album EPK
2. “You’re Gone” – video
3. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – video

Official Website: http://www.Marillion.com

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