“Man Of The World” by Mike Terrana

Artist: Mike Terrana
Title: “Man Of The World”
Label: Lion Music
Release Date: 3/15/2005
Genre: Progressive/Fusion
Rating: 7/10

Mike Terrana is one of the greatest drummers Metal music has to offer and if you have listened to the music of Rage, Artension, Axel Rudi Pell and Macalpine you are very aware of that. His second solo release takes into a world that you don’t often get to have from a Metal drummer. The record itself is a unique blend of heavy music and progressive elements that will impress not only drummers but all musicians. It was impressive for one usually gets too much in the way of drum exposition rather then focusing on the music while Terrana makes sure to focus on the song while at the same time delivering well-thought out syncopations for the listener. He gives drummers like Rod Morgenstein and Mike Portnoy a run for their money by raising the musical bar in the same fashion they do on their efforts. Refusing to stick to form there is a solo piano piece in “Sonata #9 Pathetique/Beethoven” and a Latin flavored flourish with “Revenge Of The Cachaca”. Clearly he did not take the tradional or expected route with Heavy Metal drumming covering the length of the album. Yet despite the variations on the theme he also does not leave his Metal roots behind by giving the listener a drop-dead solo at the albums close.

This 10 minute display of prowess will prove beyond any doubt that he has what it takes to impress the throngs of Metal supporters. Fans of thunderous power Metal should check him out with some of the Rage releases that are also available on both SPV and Nuclear Blast Records in the States. He also seems like the type of drummer one would enjoy in concert as he comes across as having a very personable and wild stage appeal. Check him out sometime.

Track Listing:
1. The Omen
2. Native Tongue
3. Easy Does It
4. Revenge Of The Cachaca
5. Spin Drifter
6. Sonata #9 Pathetique/Beethoven
7. One For The Road
8. Five Alive
9. Jungle Alley
10. Sorcery
11. Drum Solo from Tokyo Japan 2002

Official Website: www.MikeTerrana.com

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