Mac Sabbath Brings New Coloring Book and Single To The Mockstrosity Tour

There’s been an additional inclusion added to the Metal Menu that Mac Sabbath is serving up on The Mockstrosity Tour and since the tour begings on the day of this being posted it’s important for you to cheat on your diet and dig into the words below. Eat ’em up.

The Press Release:
Tomorrow, the Mockstrosity Tour 2017 – starring the kings of fast-food themed Black Sabbath covers Mac Sabbath and Metalachi: The World’s First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band – kicks off in Omaha, NE. The tour will also feature special guests, Ned Flanders-themed metal band Okilly Dokilly. No, you’re not dreaming – the heavy-metal-shtick trifecta is upon us and you can witness them all in one night! Tickets are on sale now via individual venues.

In celebration of the tour kick off, Mac Sabbath is finally releasing recorded music! Their viral hit cover track “Pair-A-Buns”, will be available via Flexi Disc during the tour, available only inside their official new coloring activity book – chock full of ridiculous images to color, dots to connect, mazes to solve and more. You can only get the coloring activity book and Flexi Disc directly via the band on tour as of now – bring out your inner kid and pick them up at the Mac Sabbath merch booth at your local tour stop!

Take a look inside the new book with Ronald Osbourne and brace yourself for a shocking discovery:

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Since I’ve already posted a very in-depth “Upcoming Tours” post about this one, I’m going to suggest that you click THIS LINK to review it and the dates along with my personal thoughts on the matterndin. I’m planning on attending this one and who knows, perhaps I’ll even manage to get a contest for the regional show that is coming to Le Poisson Rouge. Stay tuned to see if that happens or not. You can let me know what you thought of the clip and the news about the Coloring Book and single. Perhaps I’ll grab a couple of copies of this to use those Toy Fair Crayola crayons on. I promise to share my quality filling in of the drawings on Instagram if I do.

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