“Lords Of Depravity” Vol. II by Sodom

Artist: Sodom
Title: “Lords Of Depravity” Vol. II
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 7/13/2010
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 4/5

Even though I fully realize that Sodom is one of the “Big Three” when it comes to the German Thrash Metal movement, I was never one of those listeners that followed their career. It was nothing personal of course because what I heard I enjoyed to some extent, but when it came down to it they were a band that friends followed while I opted for the likes of Kreator and Destruction. That being said, it was great to get my hands on a copy of “Lords Of Depravity 2” since it not only gives you a documentary that others of its kind will fall before in humility but it also presents the bands full concert from Wacken Open Air in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. With the two unique parts, I have decided to separate my views on the release so please read on.

DVD1: “Historical Depravity”: The first DVD is a look at the bands time from the years 1995 up until the anniversary show in 2007 so before you watch this part you might want to skim through “Lords Of Depravity, Vol. I” again to refresh your Metal memory banks. Like its predecessor, the documentary is completely in German, but you do get sub-titles that will help you understand what is going on. Of course if you speak or understand German then you are ahead of the rest of us. The documentary runs about 200 minutes so you are assured to get your fill of all the details on their lives and I found that to be something to applaud about. Without ruining the sum of the piece, I will say how I found it interesting that even a band like Sodom found the “Grunge Era” of music affecting their livelihood. Living in the states, I felt that only our music industry had given up on the glories of the super powered Metal way, but apparently this resonated around the globe as well. It was also interesting to learn about Tom’s participation in a “Metal Drinking Songs’ band as that seemed like a lot of fun. I would love to find a copy of that someday even though I don’t speak a word of German. Well, outside of “Prost” that is, and I guess for that kind of band that is all I need to know. Since this documentary picks up where the first volume left off we find the band members examining the albums that were released during this time and the members of the group that Sodom had on each of them.

DVD2: “Live Depravity – 25th Anniversary Show @ Wacken Open Air 2007”: Having mentioned that Sodom was never really in my list of favorites does not at all take away from my ability to enjoy the crushing concert that was delivered to the Wacken audience back in 2007. How can one not rise to the occasion as a band celebrates 25 years of throttling Metal even if they have only watched from the secure corners of the room? This multi-camera shoot is most likely not all that different from some of the other Wacken shows or clips that the Metal legions have seen in their recent years but that is often the case with live video shoots. There are some great close-ups and angles along with visuals of the crowd going insane for the legendary band and it successfully brings you into the mix. Given this was a special show for the band they decided to make it an experience for the fans that would not be soon forgotten and this was achieved by having a number of special guests make an appearance during the set. Among them are Andy Brings, Atomic Streif and Michael Hoffman and each are met with resounding applause from the crowd. Tom had wanted to bring in Christian “Witchunter” Dudek for the show but he was already in poor health and would not be able to participate. Sadly the musician would pass away in early 2008 and that makes his absence from this particular gig all the more difficult for the bands long time fans. Had he appeared it would have very likely been his last concert ever. Despite this downside the concert itself is a fantastic one and since it is coming from someone that didn’t follow them you should pay a little attention. The bottom line is that the band is great on the live stage and really keeps the blood and the bodies moving. This will probably be a show that the home viewers watch again and again and probably have their friends over to enjoy as well with a couple of cases of beer. I don’t see much skipping around during this one and instead feel that those sitting or moshing at home will let it play straight through. Even though I was able to get through the documentary by reading the sub-titles instead of swapping it out for the live DVD, I must say that I enjoyed this part a whole lot more because it instantly snared my attention and kept it from beginning to end. Life long fans of Sodom will most certainly be pleased with this. I fear for their furniture.

As a buyer that enjoys the “extras” in a DVD release such as a booklet or poster and cool art I would have to say that “Lords Of Depravity 2” has done right by me. The release is packaged in a slipcase sleeve and when you get the main part out it opens into two panels that first present liner notes from Tom Angelripper about the release. Opening it further as if it were doors into the Metal madness we get the two DVD’s and two booklets to peruse. The first booklet works against the documentary DVD and gives you a keener insight into the bands diverse history and even examines the albums that came out during this period in a little more detail. This can become good source material for those who need to settle any Sodom debates they find themselves in. Booklet two gives more explanation into the Wacken concert and I think viewers will enjoy this as a breather from all the rioting that the show will instill in their person. We find Tom Angelripper lining out the reasoning for making this a special show and how he wanted it to go down.

This is a solid recommendation for any fans of the classic German Thrash Metal bands and the genre as a whole. It works best with Vol. I of course, but you can safely enjoy Vol. II without it. I am not sure of the plan to ever package both releases as a single item, so don’t wait until that decision is made and instead get yourself more educated on the madness and power that is Sodom.

Track Listing: DVD2
1. Blood On Your Lips
2. Wanted Dead
3. City Of God
4. Axis Of Evil
5. Blasphemer
6. Proselytism Real
7. Christ Passion
8. Magic Dragon
9. Tarred and Feathered
10. One Step Over The Line
11. Get What You Deserve
12. Abuse
13. Frozen Screams
14. The Vice Of Killing
15. Napalm In The Morning
16. Sodomy and Lust
17. Ausgerbombt
18. The Saw Is The Law
19. Outbeak Of Evil
20. Bombenbagel
21. Fuck The Police (video)
22. City Of God (video)

Official Website: http://www.sodomized.info

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