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“Look, Up In The Sky” – Dig Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman for The CW’s “Supergirl”

It was recently revealed that actor Tyler Hoechlin (from MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) would be portraying the part of Superman on the CW Network’s “Supergirl” show. Previous show viewers might recall that CBS dropped the program from its schedule and The CW picked it up. They are under the same umbrella anyway and this move makes the most sense. Its better than losing the show altogether. Yesterday Geekdom got their first full look at Tyler in the red and blue. Check it out below.

Photo - Supergirl w Superman on CW - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It seems as though we are sticking with the lack of the red trunks for the Superman suit and I am still not sure how I feel about that since the original look was so iconic for the character but I guess I can get over that. I think the look is good but there is such a difference in the actors between the television and film renditions that I think will get annoying to me. They should have looked for an actor that resembled a younger Henry Cavil in some sense since he is the one we are seeing in all the films. It would have built more consistency in viewers minds. I am 50/50 on the inclusion of Superman in the Supergirl show as well. I preferred him being someone who was referenced and off handling bigger threats and feel that by adding him to the mix that Supergirl is lessened in importance. Yes they are both Kryptonians and have the same invulnerable physiology but Superman has been at the game a lot longer and hence better at resolving all of the potential issues. This is just my deep comic book geek speaking out. What do you readers think of the characters inclusion and how this actor looks in the costume? Let me know in the comments below. I am very much looking forward to the season and hope for more crossovers with the other shows.

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