“Liverpool 8” by Ringo Starr

Artist: Ringo Starr
Title: ”Liverpool 8”
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 1/18/2008
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4/5

I had to admit that I was a little curious about the 14th album that legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr actually had delivered after I heard the opening track on a live appearance several months ago. The album is called “Liverpool 8”, and this is also the opening track that takes us back to the drumming singer’s earliest days with the Fab Four as he reflects on how wondrous his life actually had been. Lyrically it might seem a little hokey, but its telling a story, and based on that premise it works out quite well. There are also little Beatles riffs and quotes that make it rather appealing. The album is a collaboration with his long time writing Mark Hudson and the albums producer Dave Stewart (from that little band called The Eurythmics). The pair also join Starr on the whole album on guitars, piano, and backing vocals. There is a lot of tasty music on this one, and I found it a nice refreshing change from my usual musical menu and while others have offered up different views based on the drummers longtime partnership with Hudson, this didn’t effect me as I have not really followed all the releases that preceded this one outside of what would be played on terrestrial radio that focused its attention on Rock music. Highlights are “Gone Are The Days” which has an almost Pink Floyd, old Genesis opening to it and “Give It A Try” which is rather catchy. “Harry’s Song” definately comes across as a lost Beatles number and the Spanish themed “Pasodobles” is rather charming. The album doesn’t close with a rocker like I expected but instead a very Blue Grass sounding “R U Ready” and while something kicking might have worked out better, this track made for a pretty cool segueway into the silence of a CD that has just finished playing.

The music is direct and to the point on this one and while there is a booklet included there are no lyrics provided. That bummed me out just a tad as I would have liked to read and possibly sing along to some of them. Oh well, I am sure that after a few listens I will pick it all up. Ringo’s drumming is as good as ever and while he is a bit more reserved than some other players manages to remain solid and steady. He was always a 4/4 guy and that’s never a bad thing when it comes to this kind of Rock music. It’s not as much about flair and proving you can outplay anyone as much as it is about keeping the time and the tune in the best place possible. Kind of a ready, steady, go thing. His voice seems pretty good for his 68 years and overall this is a good enough record to give a chance if you are remotely curious to what he has been up to lately. I enjoyed it and am certain that you will as well. Good job Ringo.

Track Listing:
1. Liverpool 8,
2. Think About You,
3. For Love,
4. Now That She’s Gone Away,
5. Gone Are The Days,
6. Give It A Try,
7. Tuff Love,
8. Harry’s Song,
9. Pasodobles,
10. If It’s Love That You Want,
11. Love Is,
12. R U Ready

Official Website: http://www.ringostarr.com/

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