“Live: One Hot Night” by Y&T

Artist: Y&T
Title: “Live: One Hot Night”
Label: Locomotive Records
Release Date: 8/14/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

It was a little over a year ago when Y&T made their first appearance in NYC after far too many years of not doing so and the show that night was truly memorable in terms of the level of musicianship and quality songs in the bands set list. It was a show that made me tell scores of Metal and Hard Rock listeners that they really missed out had they not joined in because even the newest of fans could find themselves getting very into the kind of stuff that Y&T delivers night after night. The bands tour that year would be documented on the DVD under review here and while my show was at the legendary B.B. King’s, this film would come from much farther away in the Netherlands. If the name Y&T is curiousity to you let me bring you up to speed just a little bit. Founded in 1973, the band has had a few lineup changes since their inception but through it all their leader Dave Meniketti guides the ship ever forward and joining him in this never ending quest in Rock & Roll is bassist Phil Kennemore. Together the pair have been touring and recording for 34 years and like a fine wine their unique and driving blend of Hard Rock & Roll seems to get even better as time steadily marches on. This is probably due to the purity of the Y&T sound and the rock solid guitar riffs that Meniketti so long ago mastered.

DVD1: From beginning to end this is one exciting concert and shows that Y&T hasn’t lost one ounce of their edge. As a concert film this one really doesn’t disappoint for it has a truly fantastic set list that covers a number of the bands albums but mainly focuses on their hits as a band instead of adding too many songs that the larger public would be unaware of. Outside of blockbuster tunes such as “Forever” and “Open Fire” we find their MTV hits when the band was actually afforded such an outlet like “Summertime Girls” and “Lipstick And Leather”. What I always liked about Y&T music was how catchy it was and how after only a couple of listens you would find yourself playing air-guitar, drums, or just singing at the top of your lungs. Never a bad thing when this is the reaction to your music I am sure. The concert also finds Dave and Phil as the only original members of the band and joining them on drums and guitar are Mike Vanderhule and John Nymann respectively. The guys are a worthy addition to the bands lineup and having seen them live myself I can attest to how tight they were in the band and made the whole show all the more special. They also help out on some vocal harmonies which gives those middle sections and choruses a lot more life. Some of my other favorites were found in “Black Tiger” and “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” but to be very honest the entire show was ripping. There are twenty songs in all to rock along to which makes the concert piece a worthy purchase on its own but lucky for us we get a whole lot more.

DVD2: Backstage/After The Show Meet And Greet, Sound Check and Sound Check Songs (Ten Lovers, Sail On By, Midnight In Tokyo), Before The Show, Outtakes, Photo Gallery, Live At Bang Your Head Festival 2006.
** This is the place to enjoy all the extras and what a selection of them there is. We get backstage bantering right after that rocking set and the bands interaction with the fans that were lucky enough to be a part of it. You also get to be right up on the stage for the bands sound check and hear three songs from that and these are tunes that you DON’T find in the concert. I’m sure that the group performed them but they were probably omitted to allow this to be relevant bonus content that was not repetitive. There is some pre-show fun and the ever present photo galleries and the whole piece closes up with the bands appearance on the “Bang Your Head” Festival in 2006. As far as a bonus content DVD went I found this a winner as well since nothing really bored me or made me skip around looking for something to keep my interest.

Audio CD: Open Fire, Dirty Girl, Surrender, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Mean Streak, Lonely Side Of Town, Eyes Of A Stranger, Rescue Me, I’ll Cry For You, Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World, I Believe In You, Forever, Midnight In Tokyo
** To top is all off there is a bonus treat to rock out to well here with the audio only concert selections CD. Not only do you get the concert DVD and the bonus features DVD, but also an audio version of thirteen of the concerts tunes for you to blast in your stereo.

This is a must have for any fans of the classic style of Hard Rock & Roll done by its masters. Open fire and set your aim for “Y&T Live”!!!!

Track Listing:
1. Intro: From The Moon
2. Open Fire
3. Lipstick And Leather
4. Don’t Stop Runnin’
5. Dirty Girl
6. Surrender
7. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
8. Mean Streak
9. Lonely Side Of Town
10. Barroom Boogie
11. Winds Of Change
12. Eyes Of A Stranger
13. Summertime Girls
14. Hurricane
15. Rescue Me
16. I’ll Cry For You
17. Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World
18. I Believe In You
19. Forever
20. Black Tiger

Official Website: www.meniketti.com

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