“Live Is Overrated” by Pain

Artist: Pain
Title: “Live Is Overrated”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Genre: Gothic/Industrial Metal
Rating: 8/10

Peter Tagtgren is not the type of musician who lets the grass grow under his feet in any fashion. Musically, he showcases this with Progressive Death Metal giants Hypocrisy and the band Pain; captured in concert on this DVD. He tempers these musical adventures by performing wonders in the recording studio as Producer for such Metal legends as Dimmu Borgir and Dark Funeral. Those that enjoy the work that he has done in Hypocrisy will find this Gothic Metal Industrial group to be a shock to the system unless they have an open mind. It falls better alongside that of Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails than the blistering Death Metal that he is also known for. I admit that I had only heard the name in recent months and as result was not aware of any of the music this band performed. Yet knowing the level of talent that makes up a man like Tagtgren and being someone who leans to the Power and Gothic side of Metal, the idea truly piqued my interest. The concert was filmed at the Metalmania Festival in Katowice, Poland in early 2005 and while only 8 songs in length it is a great sampling of what this band is all about.
Right off the bat I enjoyed “End Of The Line” and “Shut Your Mouth” with most of the music having a strong Metal feel to it, yet draped in the Industrial Gothic side. There is not much of the slow droning that happens sometimes in Gothic music yet in “Just Hate Me” you have a slow verse that leads to a power chord chorus and it is delivered quite well. “Same Old Song” is probably my favorite from the main feature and if people want a difference on mainstream Rock radio they should start requesting this and seeking this band on iTunes.

Bonus Features: Leave it to Peter Tagtgren to meet the standards in this area beyond most others. Given the concert feature itself is only eight songs, the group has included a second full concert filmed at a TV studio is Poland. Songs from this show are “Greed”, “Breathing In Breathing Out”, “Suicide Machine”, “Nothing”, “Eleanor Rigby”, and “On And On”. The combination of the two concerts gives viewers most of the band’s albums on one DVD. The Beatles fan in me normally does not like drastic re-dos of their classics but I admit enjoying Pain’s take on it. Two more bonus live clips are presented in “Supersonic Bitch” and “End Of The Line”, filmed at a club in Helsinki, Finland. These are bootleg clips and the quality is not that great. The band’s video films are included and feature “End Of The Line”, “Suicide Machine”, “On and On”, “Shut Your Mouth”, “Just Hate Me”, “Same Old Song”, and “Bye/Die”. When you add the interviews and photos that close out the bonus stuff you find a DVD that has more goodies than some bands even include as their whole DVD.

Joining Tagtgren for the performances are Andrea Odendahl (guitar), Alla Fedynitch (bass) and David Wallin (drums). The band sounds great and makes one close out the DVD with an interest in seeing them perform live. I think Pain holds a lot of promise for music fans and those that appreciate the direction Rammstein and NIN have taken with a touch of Type O Negative might really get something out of this. I know I did.

Track Listing:
1. Supersonic Bitch
2. End Of The Line
3. On Your Knees
4. Dancing With The Dead
5. It’s Only Them
6. Just Hate Me
7. Same Old Song
8. Shut Your Mouth

Official Website: http://www.painworldwide.com/

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