“Live In Super Overdrive” [Blu-ray] by Billy Idol

Artist: Billy Idol
Title: “Live In Super Overdrive” [Blu-ray]
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 11/17/2009
Genre: Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

Released in tandem with the standard edition DVD comes the higher definition version on Blu-ray. Fans of the rocker should be aware that there are no real differences in the content being offered up but if they have the means to enjoy the video and aural sonics of the Blu-ray medium, then they should investigate this one as opposed to the standard. My views about the release remain the same so I am presenting them to you below.

Originally presented as a segment on PBS’s “Soundstage” program, this concert by Billy Idol finds the legendary performer delivering a rocking set that features a few more songs than were presented during the programs initial broadcast. That fact alone makes it something that the singers longtime fans will definitely want to get their hands on. Idol fans should be advised that this is not a vintage performance but instead one that was recorded earlier in 2009, but that doesn’t matter because if you have seen Billy Idol’s shows of late then you will know that he is better than ever at what he does. The show comes to us from the oft windy city of Chicago at its Congress Theater during the heat of the summer, yet while a hotter than hell show there is something incredibly cool about it and this comes from the singer himself as he remains collected in the premise of delivering his iconic catalog with a few new treats for his fans.

Joining Billy in the band are long time guitarist Steve Stephens, keyboard Derek Sherinian, bassist James Murphy and drummer Brian Tichy who all work incredibly well together for the performance. I caught this same lineup with Billy back in late 2008 and loved the show which made a few of the omissions from this show a little bit of a disappointment. For that show Idol was celebrating a career spanning greatest hits piece and did a new smoking track called “John Wayne” but that number as well as tunes like “Hot In The City” are omitted from this particular show. Also left off is the massive audience sing along number “Mony, Mony” but they do present one of my personal favorites in “Blue Highway” and the Generation X classic ‘Ready, Steady Go” so I was willing to forgive and forget. Perhaps some of the songs that he generally performs live didn’t come out the way that they would have liked them to for this show and hence were left off. If you are looking for the most standard expected hits from the singer, it seems as though all of these tunes are here and Billy doesn’t lose steam once. Visually this is an exciting video and provides a lot of terrific angles on all of the musicians even though as expected much of the focus remained on Idol himself.

This is a fairly good video since it carefully blends the old with the new and keeps it interesting. It might be more for the singer’s diehards than someone new, and yet it is also safe to say that someone who is only now learning of his appeal and impact on the Rock scene would easily be able to enjoy it. There is not much of a booklet to speak of and only a two page foldout with a few shots of the performers. It’s nothing to write home about in terms of other videos of its kind that really deliver a comprehensive book and there are no bonus features at all. Perhaps a little bit of pre or post show interview footage would have been a nice inclusion but alas we get nothing but the concert. If that’s enough for you then have at it, you will certainly find it entertaining.

If you ended up purchasing the standard edition and now have a higher definition player in your possession you might want to make that version a present to someone special in your life. Sharing is caring so stop dancing with yourself (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Track Listing:
1. Super Overdrive
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Flesh For Fantasy
4. Touch My Love
5. White Wedding
6. Scream
7. Eyes Without A Face
8. Cry
9. Blue Highway
10. Ready Steady Go
11. Rebel Yell
12. Kiss Me Deadly

Official Website: http://www.billyidol.com

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