“Live In Sin” by Genitorturers

Artist: Genitorturers
Title: “Live In Sin”
Label: MVD Visual
Release Date: 11/20/2007
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

The Industrial Metal vibe that the Genitorturers deliver in concert is quite intense and clearly not something that the pure at heart or chaste of body and soul would very well appreciate but who cares what they think in this case. The DVD film “Live In Sin” captures The Genitorturers in concert and appears to be their first effort in the medium – it’s also the perfect way to learn what they are all about from the safety of your home if you ever expressed interest in seeing them perform but had prior reservations for whatever reason. Before this arrived I had only heard about the level of intensity maintained during their shows in terms of the overall spectacle and graphic sexuality that is depicted during them. I had read that it was shocking, scandalous and outright profane at times and these descriptions definitely hit the nail right on the head when it came to what I would find featured on the DVD. Some of the scenes made me wonder how they were even able to release it with only the standard “Parental Advisory” as a pre-emptive warning but here we are. In the musical sense they are quite good and very heavy with a vibe that was somewhat reminiscent of old Rob Zombie and perhaps a little touch of Marilyn Manson thrown in for good measure. They do stand on their own and their groove is pumping on more occasions than it is not. The DVD gives us ten songs to enjoy and of the bunch my own favorites fell to “Flesh Is The Law”, “One Who Feeds”, and “Liar’s Lair” but to be honest the entire presentation offered a lot of interesting things to see and riffs to enjoy.

The band is led by their singer Gen who formed them in the early 90’s and from the beginning it was about bringing performance art and Metal music together. It’s very important to note that their brand of performance art would probably get a XXX rating in many areas, but if you are someone who is able to handle shocking levels of sexual antics during a Metal show then this is the DVD for you. There is everything going on here and to line out a couple of the scenarios we find a performer suspended from the rafters who swings back and forth while the band performs. He is of course suspended from body piercings (ouch). There are visions of rape and assault at times but one does not really see it as graphically as you would imagine based on the camera work that they did. Some of the shots are blurry and hazy and use negatives in order to make this more like art than simply pornography. There is some hazing on religion at times as well and a whole lot of nudity and bondage. I had to laugh when I wondered what the PMRC might have thought of them had they done this when those idiots stuck their viewpoints into the music industry way back when they felt WASP and Twisted Sister were the source of ills in the world. Gen and company proves that you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to a show that is guaranteed to shock and in some cases even excite you for your hard earned cash.

The band also features “Bizz” on guitar, Andy Selway on drums, and Evil “D” on bass. Those who don’t know any of the bands history will be interested in finding out that Evil “D” is actually David Vincent from legendary Death Metallers Morbid Angel. He and Gen are married and show that one can work with their spouse in a band pretty easily if one wants to. He has since left the ranks of Morbid and is focused primarily on this endeavor with the missus. The concert was quite interesting to watch and made me want to see them perform in person because while this was a cool way to see inside the happenings at a gig there is no replacement for being there in certain situations. This is especially the case when it is a band that is as visual enthralling as The Genitorturers appear to be. The DVD is loaded with some interesting bonus features as well and while we get to enjoy some snippets of them during the actual video, the menus allow for full enjoyment of these clips after you have recovered from witnessing the show. Some of the features include more on the bands Hustler magazine shoot, interaction with fans (some interesting folks here to say the least), a story by one of the bands entourage about her being stopped at an airport, and some mud wrestling. If you think that this sounds like an interesting way to spend an hour and a half then you are pretty much correct. The band is definitely not for everyone and this DVD should not really be viewed by minors, but beyond that it was on the fascinating side and gave me a good glimpse of a band that until now I had only heard talk of. It succeeded in illuminating me more than leaving me in the dark and for that I will say check it out when you can.

Track Listing:
1. Cum Junkie
2. Devil In A Bottle
3. Tell Me
4. Liar’s Lair
5. One Who Feeds
6. Asphyxiate
7. House Of Shame
8. Flesh Is The Law
9. Lecher Bitch
10. Public Enemy #1

Official Website: www.genitorturers.com

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