“Live In Sao Paulo” by Sepultura

Artist: Sepultura
Title: Live In Sao Paulo
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 11/8/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Sepultura are considered one of the most powerful forces for Metal and when you speak their name in their native land of Brazil they are considered as Gods. Their appeal to legions of Metal fans has wavered a little since lead singer Max Cavalera had left to form Soulfly. In his place the American Derrick Green continues to lead the band in a full assault charge. His sound is different from Max’s and leans to a more Hard Core style than the Thrashing that Max was bringing to the table. Musically Andreas Kisser, Igor Cavalera and Paulo Xisto sound pretty good on the album but clearly the drums and vocals seemed to be mixed a little louder on the piece. The group storms through 21 numbers and to make this a little more worth paying attention to bring out a former guitarist Jairo Guedz to jam on a few numbers. Alex from Krisiun also makes an appearance and there are some others as well. For a CD with most of its talking in Portuguese it gets a little confusing with what’s going on, but that is where owning the DVD is a good idea. Yes you read this correctly for a DVD of this concert was also issued in tandem to the CD.

The double CD contains the full concert from the DVD and it might have made a little more sense to package this together but I guess that each item has its own preference level. The CD is a great display of Sepultura material and if you are a legacy or new fan there is something on this for you. It seems that every album has content performed from is with the larger amount of material coming off of “Chaos A.D.” and “Roots”. The only song I would have dropped is the dreadful version of U2’s “Bullet The Blue Sky”. It’s not an easy song to do as a cover and this one seems very bland to me. Based on my knowledge of their music, I think Green does an ok job but similar to when Anthrax found John Bush; Sepultura has placed a different style of vocalist in the place of what was expected. Let’s see what the next studio album holds to see if Seputura can once again claim the ground that was once securely theirs.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Apes Of God
3. Slave New World
4. Propaganda
5. Attitude
6. Choke
7. Innerself / Beneath The Remains
8. Escape To The Void
9. Mindwar
10. Troops Of Doom
11. Necromancer
12. Sepulnation
13. Refuse / Resist
14. Territory
15. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
16. Bullet The Blue Sky
17. Reza
18. Biotech Is Godzila
19. Arise / Dead Embrionic Cells
20. Come Back Alive
21. Roots Bloody Roots

Official Web site: www.sepultura.com

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