“Live In Glasgow” by Paul Rodgers

Artist: Paul Rodgers
Title: “Live In Glasgow”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 4/16/2007
Genre: Rock/Blues
Rating: 4/5

His voice is legendary and his name quite possibly one of the most respected in Rock music history. Should you be wondering about whom I am speaking of, well this is none other than Mr. Paul Rodgers. The acclaimed Blues Rock singer’s talent shines in the works of bands like Free, Bad Company and The Firm and in recent times has been tied together with the guys in Queen. It’s quite the musical resume and it is clear that some of the most cherished numbers from his expansive career are no longer merely songs but defining pieces of music from Rock’s most prolific years. With all this being said, we find Mr. Rodgers captured live and in concert at a sold-out show in Glasgow, Scotland back in 2006 where he delivers a little bit of everything for an eager audience. The single CD affair finds seventeen tracks that seems to appropriately cover a wide span of the singer’s career and let’s face it, one such as Paul cannot touch upon every single release and band that he has worked with for to do so would find this to be a multiple CD release that would cover a number of different volumes. The crème de la crème is what is delivered here and I am doubtful that once you begin playing it that you would argue with me.

The show was recorded on the final night of Paul’s tour at the Clyde Auditorium, and they did a really great job of capturing the excitement of the audience and the overall energy of the players involved. Joining Paul for the band would be Howard Leese (a guitar legend in his own right from the days of Heart), Lyle Sorensen (bass guitar), Ryan Hoyle (drums) and a teenaged wunderkind named Kurtis Dengler (guitar). The young Blues guitarist shines all over this powerful concert and stands up tall alongside his legendary peers in the Rodgers band. In reviewing the set list there are bound to be those who while happy about the inclusions might feel sad that one or two things are missing and yet, this is still a rousing show that finds the singer on the top of his game at the ripe young age of 57. Paul’s voice has aged like a fine wine and instead of suffering after many years at the game has only seemed to grow more passionate and more soulful. As a listener I personally leaned to the staples from the Bad Company and Free catalog, and let’s face it, this was easy to do with tracks like “All Right Now” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” being as iconic as they were. Yes, “Shooting Star” is missing from the CD and while I was a little bit annoyed at this, I was happy to find “Radioactive” since its one of those numbers that we done hear as often on those stations that still caters to Rock & Roll. At the end of the day, this really brings the listener into the venue with the band and gives affirmation as to why Paul has been so respected for so long. Combining his skills with a tight band make this a must have audio CD for anyone’s live music collection. Some fans might question the absence of music from The Law, but with so many other highlights I am thinking that this will be a non-issue.

The DVD for this release came out a little over a month later, and this is always an issue with me, because I feel that such a CD would have served the greater good by being packaged with it as opposed to being delivered separately. Of course by individually releasing them, the chance to capture both the audiophile and video fanatic is there, should either of those parties prefer one item to the other. The booklet included features a number of great shots of Paul and his band in performance and also finds hand written notation from each of the players about the tour that they were closing out on this same night. I felt it added more personality to it. We also find that Paul and his band mates are not the only ones offering up thoughts as liner notes are present from such musical personalities as Jimmy Page, Brian May and Sully Erna (Godsmack) inside as well. A truly solid release.

Track Listing:
1. I’ll Be Creepin’
2. The Stealer
3. Rider On A Pony
4. Radioactive
5. Be My Friend
6. Warboys
7. Feel Like Makin’ Love
8. Bad Company
9. (I Just Wanna) See You Smile
10. Louisiana Blues
11. Fire And Water
12. Wishing Well
13. All Right Now
14. I’m A Mover
15. The Hunter
16. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
17. Seagull

Official Website: http://www.paulrodgers.com

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