“Live Evolution” by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “Live Evolution”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 9/25/2001
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 8/10

With “Live Evolution”, Queensryche has given their fans the type of album that other artists would be smart to release. The album is not only a killer live recording, it is also a career expansive journey into each of their albums and features songs from the self-titled EP all the way up until “Q2K”. A companion DVD was released at the same time, which offers you the full visual of being present at a Queensryche show. I admit, I preferred watching as opposed to listening, since The Ryche is such a great band in concert. As on the DVD, the group sets the album up in sections that cover specific ranges of their releases. CD1 is the better of the two, in my opinion, as that is the earliest stuff from the self-titled EP until “Operation Mindcrime”. Given that it includes nine tracks from that album alone, you’ll find a nice comparison of how the band sounds several years after the recording of “Operation: Live Crime”. By that point in Queensryche’s career, the band had lost guitarist Chris DeGarmo. He was replaced with Kelly Gray. who did a fine job on the material. The rest of the original lineup remained strong with Tate, Rockenfield, Wilton and Jackson. CD2 is only half strong, as it includes music from “Empire” and “Promised Land” (their last decent studio release, in my opinion). The remainder of the disc features tracks from “Hear In The Now Frontier” as well as the dismal “Q2K” which was met with critical lambasting.

Despite my misgivings on some of the inclusions, this is a worthwhile CD for any Queensryche fan to own, especially if you lean more to audio than to video. Containing 29 tracks is nothing to sneeze at, as it ensures that there is something for everyone on it. Newer fans might prefer the stuff that I dislike and vice versa. Either way, this is a fine example of Queensryche in concert. That alone makes this a must-have.

Track Listing:
1. NM 156
2. Walk In The Shadows
3. Roads To Madness
4. The Lady Wore Black
5. London
6. Screaming In Digital
7. Take Hold Of The Flame
8. Queen Of The Reich
9. I Remember Now
10. Revolution Calling
11. Spreading The Disease
12. Electric Requiem
13. Spreading The Disease (Part II)
14. The Mission
15. Suite Sister Mary
16. I Don’t Believe In Love
17. Eyes Of A Stranger
18. I Am I
19. Damaged
20. Empire
21. Silent Lucidity
22. Another Rainy Night
23. Jet City Woman
24. Liquid Sky
25. Sacred Ground
26. Falling Down
27. Hit The Black
28. Breakdown
29. The Right Side Of My Mind

Official Website: www.Queensryche.com

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