“Live Consternation” by Katatonia

Artist: Katatonia
Title: “Live Consternation”
Label: Peaceville Records
Release Date: 6/5/2007
Genre: Dark Metal
Rating: 4/5

I had only been on board as a listener since their last studio effort “The Great Cold Distance” when it came to the band Katatonia but after that album convinced me of the special nature of the group I did what I could to convince those around me to buy this album and catch them in concert should they ever return. It was only a few months prior to their co-headlining tour with Portugal’s Moonspell that the album had snared me and since I caught that show in 2006 I now was able to better understand what many fans of the bands Dark Metal style had known for a long time. The CD/DVD combination release of “Live Consternation” captures Katatonia in the element that is best suited for them and that is the concert stage in front of their loyal fans. The performance on “Liver Consternation” comes to us from the Summerbreeze Festival, Germany – August 17th 2006 and finds the band celebrating a very prosperous year for their music. The tour was in support of “The Great Cold Distance” but unlike most bands they would not overload the time with the new material and instead deliver a healthy set of their own classic standards from a across span of releases. This was a wise move as this particular tour for the band found them reaching new territories for their music that they had never been able to adventure to before.

As I understood the tour with Moonspell allowed them to reach US soil for the first time and that fact alone made me happy that I caught their appearance in NYC. The song selection also offered the newer fans like me the chance to absorb other albums that might pique our interest. The show starts off with “Leaders” which was the last albums opener as well and it brings you right into the vibe of how they do things. There is heavy drama in the notes with Katatonia and the mood in its groove as it is delivered can actually overtake you if you let it. They sound incredible and the lighting used during the set is just as much a part of making the show special. Singer Jonas Renske rarely shows his face and he wails often mournfully on each and every tune. I had to admit that the band sounded great and this is to be expected after several albums together but it’s more so that they are now leaders themselves in this aspect of the Metal genre. Katatonia also features Anders Nystrom (guitar), Fredrik Norrman (guitar), Mattias Norrman (bass) and Daniel Liljekvist (drums) and when it comes to the music they all seem that they are in tune with each other.

I definitely found myself enjoying the entire concert presentation on the DVD and while there are numerous camera angles used in the way of the shooting you need to be aware that Katatonia is less about visual image as it is totally in gear with mood and groove. The great thing about this release is that it also comes with a full CD of the performance that does not leave anything off like some other releases that end up giving you a sampling of what you find on the concert film. Having both gives you something to enjoy while you hang with friends at home and something to blast in the car stereo, at work or on the music player of your choice. A full-color booklet is included and it features some dramatic photos from the show and also the lyrics to all of the songs that make up the show. This is the perfect chance to jump on board and catch up to the rest of the people who praise Katatonia and how they bring a new twist to the Metal genre.

Track Listing:
1. Leaders
2. Wealth
3. Soil’s Song
4. Had To (Leave)
5. Cold Ways
6. Right Into The Bliss
7. Ghost Of The Sun
8. Criminals
9. Deliberation
10. July
11. Evidence

Official Website: www.katatonia.com

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