“Live At The Roxy” (DVD) by Brothers Of A Feather

Artist: Brothers Of A Feather”
Title: “Live At The Roxy”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 9/4/2007
Genre: Blues/Rock
Rating: 4/5

Calling themselves “Brothers Of A Feather” for the tour, Chris and Rich Robinson from The Black Crowes stripped down to their acoustic basics and delivered a concert that would come off as one of the best in their careers. The DVD “Live At The Roxy” was filmed across the span of a three night appearance at the famous venue and found the brothers accompanied by two backup singers and a saxophone player for added warmth and body to the already rich melodies that they would deliver. The understated setting of the stage was that of a living room and the musicians sat on simple wooden chairs and played their hearts out much to the delight of the sold out crowd in attendance. The relaxing visuals and warm sounds that the brothers delivered made this one hell of a DVD to sit back and enjoy. I took this as a presentation that was not unlike that of the MTV show “Unplugged” as since all of the songs were delivered in this fashion it just made me think of it as such. The brothers cover a lot of ground with this set of shows and given that there were probably a lot more treats involved in the actual show, made me wonder why this was relegated to only a single DVD and opposed to being a double. They deliver Blues standards and solo material and of course the revered classics of their own, but while “Jealous Again” fits perfectly in this setting, we find tracks like “Hard To Handle” absent from the film. Maybe they did it at one of the shows but it isn’t here and I hardly missed it based on the overall quality of everything else that is delivered. The guitar playing of the pair is crisp and clean and Chris’ voice is the best that I have ever heard him over the years.

There is hardly a peep out of the audience and it’s either the level of quality of the audio mix or the fact that the crowd was mesmerized by the goings on. This was one of those sit back and chill out videos that you cracked open a nice bottle of wine and lit some incense for as you enjoy it with the lights down low and the stereo at a little louder than normal volume. While it might be more for the bands hardest core following, I think it is a perfect film for anyone who enjoys these types of unplugged shows as well. It was great to see just how soulful the brothers could be when stripped down to the basics. The highlights are many but I enjoyed tracks like “Forgiven Song” (a Rich Robinson solo number) and “Darling Of The Underground Press”. This is a good way to spend a little time on one of those nights when you can’t figure out what to do.

CD: Horsehead, Cursed Diamond, Over The Hill, Magic Rooster Blues, My Heart’s Killing Me, Forgiven Song, Someday Past The Sunset, Roll ‘Um Easy, Cold Boy Smile, Driving Wheel, Leave It Alone, Polly, Darling Of The Underground Press, Thorn In My Pride.

*** The bonus CD that comes included with the DVD gives you fourteen of these stellar moments from the show but with one disk is still incomplete. I felt that a recording of this quality would have been best served by giving the buyer the full show on audio as well, or at least making the missing tracks available for digital download to their music device of choice. This CD is also available on its own as a single item but since you can get it with the full concert DVD release there is little reason to look further into it as a purchase of its own.

Track Listing:
1. Horsehead
2. Cursed Diamond
3. Over The Hill
4. Magic Rooster Blues
5. My Heart’s Killing Me
6. Better When You’re Not Alone
7. Forgiven Song
8. Someday Past The Sunset
9. Welcome To The Goodtimes
10. Roll Um Easy
11. Soul Singing
12. Cold Boy Smile
13. Bring On Bring On
14. Driving Wheel
15. Leave It Alone
16. Polly
17. Darling Of The Underground Press
18. Jealous Again
19. Forever Young
20. Thorn In My Pride

Official Website: www.blackcrowes.com

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