“Live At The Roxy” by Brothers Of A Feather

Artist: Brothers Of A Feather
Title: “Live At The Roxy”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 7/10/2007
Genre: Blues/Rock
Rating: 4/5

Recorded over the course of three sold out nights at The Roxy, Chris and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes deliver one of the most intimate and inspiring Blues Rock performances of their career. Calling the event “Brothers Of A Feather”, they sat down on chairs in a setting not unlike someone’s living room and performed acoustically with the accompaniment of two backup singers and the occasional saxophone to offer up some additional warmth to the music that they would deliver. The result of these three nights is an extraordinary recording and when you play the CD you will feel as if you were present in the room with them. The downside is that the full show ran about twenty songs and this CD only presents you with fourteen of them. Of course there are incredible highlights such as the rare and unreleased tracks like “Magic Rooster Blues” and “Darling Of The Underground Press” and the lengthy show stopping closer of “Thorn In My Pride”. From beginning to end one will find that the stripped down and bare bones approach to this material truly works and that the brothers are a couple of the finest musicians in the Blues Rock arena today.

This is a must have for any Black Crowes fan or those who love indulging in a healthy dose of Blues every now and again but would I recommend you purchasing this CD, well no would be my answer. Of course I am sure you think me mad giving a high rating to a piece, lauding its overall appeal and then saying don’t buy it, but this comes with good reason. You see the entire performance is captured on a DVD release and as a special bonus you get this same CD included with it. The booklet liner notes are exactly the same and the price super reasonable so when it comes to this CD, borrow a copy from a friend to see if you like it, or hit those online samples for good measure. Then get yourself over to Amazon.com or your brick and mortar outlet of choice and purchase the DVD since its more bang for your buck. You will surely not be disappointed in this one so trust me on it.

Track Listing:
1. Horsehead
2. Cursed Diamond
3. Over The Hill
4. Magic Rooster Blues
5. My Heart’s Killing Me
6. Forgiven Song
7. Someday Past The Sunset
8. Roll Um Easy
9. Cold Boy Smile
10. Driving Wheel
11. Leave It Alone
12. Polly
13. Darling Of The Underground Press
14. Thorn In My Pride

Official Website: www.blackcrowes.com

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