“Live At Montreux: The Definitive Collection” by Rory Gallagher

Artist: Rory Gallagher
Title: “Live At Montreux: The Definitive Collection”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 5/30/2006
Genre: Blues/Rock
Rating: 5/5

Rory Gallagher (March 2, 1948 – June 14, 1995) was an Irish Blues/Rock guitarist who has been credited as being one of the most influential Irish Rock and Blues musicians of all time. Selling over 30 Million albums worldwide, Rory has received the accolades of his peers and fans and remains very popular in Ireland, the UK, and throughout most of Europe even though major commercial success seemed to elude him in the United States. “Live At Montreux: The Definitive Collection” DVD is an excellent retrospective of Rory Gallagher’s live performances at the Montreux Jazz festival over the course of 3 decades. The DVD demonstrates Rory’s talent and versatility as a musician and dynamic performer from various points in his career. It’s a great example of a top notch career-retrospective DVD that is all meat and no filler. We give kudos to Eagle Rock Entertainment for assembling such a package with this level of quality to it.

The first DVD covers the 1975–1985 appearances and has some raw, and rocking moments. One particular stand out track is “Cradle Rock” which is a ripping Boogie Blues number that is a signature Gallagher song. Some songs appear twice on the set like “Tattoo’d Lady” whose inclusion on this disc is more raw and dynamic while on DVD2 is found to be a more “rocked out” rendition. The difference in these renditions give the viewer a nice perspective on his progression over the years. I also enjoyed the 1994 Acoustic Banjo and jam with Bela Fleck, banjo picker extraordinaire, on the tracks, “Amazing Grace”, “Walking Blues”, and “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”. While there are a few, minimal technical glitches in audio and video every so often it is nothing that will take away from your enjoyment of the performances presented. Most of the cuts with technical issues were featured as the bonus tracks and considering some of this footage is over 30 years old, I really cannot fault the quality at all. You will always find some sticklers who might no matter how minor the issue actually is.

DVD2: 1994: Continental Op, Moonchild, I Wonder Who, Loop, Tattoo’d Lady, I Could Have Had Religion, Ghost Blues, Out On The Western Plain, Amazing Grace, Walking Blues, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Off The Handle, Messin’ With The Kid, I’m Ready, BONUS FEATURES 1975: Pistol Slapper Blues, Too Much Alcohol. 1977: Out On The Western Plain, Barley Grape & Rag / Pistol Slapper Blues,
Going To My Hometown. 1985: Walking Blues.

Speaking of the bonus tracks, those were some of my favorites on the DVD. Just Rory, with an acoustic guitar, or Dobro giving heartfelt solo performances that really highlight his talent. The song “Too Much Alcohol “ is one of the standout bonus tracks from the section as it showcased his Blues finger style and slide playing with a performance that was pure, simple and at the same time powerful. This double DVD set is an absolute “must have” for any Gallagher fan, and fans of blues/rock music would would be interested as well. It is an intriguing experience to see and hear Rory’s musical evolution through the 5 different performances over the years, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1985, and 1994. Performing live was Gallagher’s forte and it shows on this superbly filmed and recorded DVDs.

Rory Gallagher live at Montreux DVD is a fitting memorial to one of blues and rock’s talented guitarists.

Track Listing: (DVD1)
1. Tattoo’d Lady
2. Garbage Man
3. Cradle Rock
4. Tore Down
5. Laundromat
6. I Take What I Want
7. Calling Card 8. Secret Agent
9. Bought And Sold
10. Million Miles Away
11. Do You Read Me
12. Pistol Slapper Blues
13. Shin Kicker
14. The Last Of The Independents
15. Mississippi Sheiks
16. Too Much Alcohol
17. Shadowplay
18. Bad Penny
19. Moonchild
20. Banker’s Blues
21. Philby
22. Walking Blues

Official Website: www.rorygallagher.com

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