“Live All Over The Place” by King’s X

Artist: King’s X
Title: “Live All Over The Place”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 9/2004
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

I am happy to report to you that King’s X still sounds the same as they did when I first heard them about 20 years ago. It’s truly amazing how Doug Pinnick’s bluesy and passionate voice has not lost any of its luster after all this time. Jerry Gaskill’s drumming is still rock solid and Ty Tabor’s guitar work is as clean and effective as ever. Since every member of the band provides more vocal harmony the level of this part of the music is just as strong as the instrumentation they do. The live CD entitled “Live All Over The Place” has been culled from shows that took place over the last couple of years. Showing the band at its peak, this is a very straightforward and rocking live album. Fans of the band will definitely view this as a worthwhile purchase for not only is it chock full of their finest material but it is also the groups first live release in the entire span of their career.

Of the 2 CD’s, the majority of the piece is recorded electrically. Yet to add the sense of difference to the recording a fair number of songs are performed acoustically. While I lean more towards the electric versions it is a great way to hear some of their key numbers performed in that manner. Songs that stuck out to me the most on my listening were “The Box” and “Goldilox”. Of the electric numbers I seem to stick with the classics that I know best like “Dogman”, “Over My Head” and “Visions” (perhaps the heaviest and speediest number on the release). The tune “Manic Depression” had the special guest Jeff Ament (of Pearl Jam) come out and perform with them. That song kicks no matter how you slice it and Doug really sounds a lot like Jimi Hendrix when he is singing it. Doing it with a PJ band member allowed it to be even more memorable.

The booklet enclosed is loaded with full-color pictures from what seemed to be the most recent touring appearances of the group. They should have included some archive photos for reference sake since this was the first live recording. I will admit that despite the number of tracks on this piece I found it very strange that staple numbers such as “King” and “Shot Of Love” had been omitted. Clearly these were two of the bands biggest hits and even used to get heavy rotation on MTV when they showed rock videos. The band certainly made sure to give you a lot of other material with 25 songs making up the CDs on the release. While two of my personal favorites are not here, it does not affect in the least the overall enjoyment of the music and CD. Any King’s X fan will appreciate the work done on their behalf.

Track Listing (CD1 & CD2):
1. Groove Machine
2. Dogman
3. Believe
4. Little Bit Of Soul
5. Complain
6. Over My Head
7. Manic Depression
8. Black Like Sunday
9. Finished
10. Screamer
11. Johnny
12. The Difference
13. Thinking And Wondering What I’m Gonna Do
14. Mr. Evil
15. Mississippi Moon
16. Goldilox
17. Everybody Knows A Little Bit
18. A Box
19. Talk To You
20. Visions
21. Cigarettes
22. Summerland
23. We Were Born To Be Loved
24. Moan Jam
25. Over My Head

Official Website: www.kingsxonline.com

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