“Little Immaculate White Fox” by Pearl

Artist: Pearl
Title: “Little Immaculate White Fox”
Label: Megaforce Records
Release Date: 1/19/2010
Genre: Rock/Blues Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

I had to say that when I received the advance copy of this release that its “commercial” or press copy to be more specific was absolutely superb. Dig this little bit of advertising on the artists behalf – “solve this riddle – raised on Meat Loaf, cultivated by a Motley Crue, exposed to Anthrax and shot out of a Velvet Revolver…..this Pearl is a rare find”. Incredibly clever if you ask me, for this “riddle” is actually a fantastic historical overview of the musical life of Pearl Aday as she is not only the step-daughter of the legendary Meat Loaf, but she also worked as a backing vocalist for Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver and is married to Anthrax’s Scott Ian. It’s an impressive resume when you think about it, but what of the musical talent found across the release…will it be any good, or something that even stands strong on its own two feet? Well yes indeed it does and if you are a fan of Hard Rock with a strong Blues and Soul groove built into it, then I think that “Little Immaculate White Fox” will be an album that you enjoy again and again. The album is the singer’s very first release with her own band but she has been featured on more recordings than I could quickly count and based on this you know that she is ready to deliver the goods on this one having prepared to do so for so long.

The journey into Pearl’s world starts off with the rousing “Rock Child” and this is a driving number without question and a tune that might find you helping to shout out the chorus with her as it progresses. I liked how she started off with a track that kicks you instead of leading up to it. “Nutbush City Limits” has an interesting guitar tone to it and showcases some of Pearl’s range very well but it’s “Broken White” that followed it and became one of my favorites on the recording. I liked the groove, the guitar riffs and way the drums flowed. Everyone’s Rock and Roll uncle Ted Nugent stops by with “Check Out Charlie” to lend some lead guitar to the already solid work being done by Scott Ian who appears on every track. Ian is a good player and it was very interesting to see him stepping out side of the expected realm for a change. His Anthrax loyalists might be interested in this if they have an open mind but they should not expect a Thrash fest from anything here as opposed to tasty guitar playing. “Mama” is a touching number and while slower in pace mixes a little bit of heavy into its soul. I anticipate lighters or cell phones being lit up during this one. I’ve always been a sucker for the ballad and that will likely never change so thank you Peal for giving me “My Heart Isn’t In It” which based on the lyrics seems to be singing of love that is not going as good as it was hoped it would. Skipping around a little bit we get to another driving powerhouse on “Whore” and I am sure that this one will be good in concert. This might be the heaviest of the albums offerings and sate the appetites of those interested in the “oomph” factor on the release. The album closes out with “Anything” and this number features Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on guitar. It appears to be the softest and slowest paced of the eleven tracks but Jerry does deliver a fine solo that works very well within its context. The rest of the tracks I will leave to your own discovery to keep it interesting. Trust me though, it’s all pretty solid stuff and Pearl has a wonderful vocal register that is worth hearing.

We get a booklet which features lyrics for the songs on its pages and that makes it a lot easier to increase the level of musical entrenchment in your memory banks and help you to better absorb the release. There are also a fair number of photos of the singer and since she is such a beauty you know that this is a very, very good thing. It also gives the fans a favored image to have the singer sign should she do any meet and greets at her shows. In the end this was a worthwhile listen that I think will stand strong in the scene in terms of Blues based Rock and Melodic Rock. I’m sure that you have heard and enjoyed Pearl’s voice on a number of albums over the years so now it is time to help her stand strong by supporting her solo material. Nice work Pearl, I look forward to hearing this stuff live sometime in the future.

Track Listing:
1. Rock Child
2. Nutbush City Limits
3. Broken White
4. Check Out Charlie
5. Mama
6. My Heart Isn’t In It
7. Nobody
8. Worth Defending
9. Lovepyre
10. Whore
11. Anything

Official Website: http://cheersloverock.com/home/

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