Lionsgate Reveals More Character Posters From Upcoming “Power Rangers” Film

I’ve posted a couple of the trailers for the upcoming Lionsgate feature film “Power Rangers” and if you’ve not seen those yet, the most recent one can be found on THIS LINK so check that out to be up to speed on the proceedings for this film. The movie opens up in late March so let’s begin the treats with the Official Theatrical Release poster, and then we can enjoy the assorted character posters. My commentary will be light for the duration.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This mythology was never something that I’ve followed over the years but as I’ve noted, a lot of my friends enjoy it and are still diehards so we share with you all in these posts. A couple of months ago, we were treated to the character posters featuring the Zords, and if you didn’t see that one please click on THIS LINK. If you are compelled to share your advance thoughts and hopes for the new film or just want to say what you thought about these few character posters, please do so down in the comments area below. You know I love to hear from you.

Official Film Wiki:

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