Light’s Out: Fontana’s Bar On The LES Has Closed (2016)

This is just a quick tip of the hat to a place that I didn’t get to as often as I would have liked but was a very good place for many of the local talent to rock the socks of their regional fans. Yes my readers after a dozen years on Eldridge Street, Fontana’s Bar has closed. We sure do seem to be hearing a lot of things like this.

Photo - Fontanas Bar - 2016

The news about this coming to pass was circulated initially back in January and quotes culled from various owners stated how rent increases were the root cause of the closure. “We don’t want to do $16 cocktails, that’s not us. We want cheap beer and decent-priced drinks and people from the neighborhood” said an owner. Scanning around the net found this scribe learning that the Fontana’s Bar rent was over $30K a month and that is just not easily sustainable. I only ever went to Fontana’s a few times but the space was huge and had a couple of bars inside it along with a spacious basement where they often let the Metal bands play. One thing I had always wanted to do was put together some kind of showcase with bands that I believed in from around our area but the time was never there for me to properly put it together. I’ll miss the space being here as an option for such an idea. Like I said, there have been many closures around our city along with moves of long established locations. The only constant is change my father always says and while I don’t always like this being the case, he is absolutely right about it. Goodbye Fontana’s Bar and thanks for giving patrons and the tried and true rockers a place to unwind for a reasonable amount of cash. You will be missed. Thanks to my friend Jay for the photo which he snapped via mobile since I could not get to the bar for the closing events. Fans of the bar are welcome to leave us comments below on their favorite times and memories about the place. Bring it on Legions.

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  1. I was there a few times. The two that come to mind as the best were the following. A private, acoustic performance by In This Moment in 2010 and a meet and greet/album release, I believe in 2010 also for the first Charred Walls of the Damned album. I met Ripper Owens, Richard Christy and Chris Caffery that night. A great space with great vibe. I’ll miss it. What is happening to our city?

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