Liberty City Anime Con Announces Artists & Vendors For 2018 Event

Fans of the Anime and Manga side of the fence are amped up with excitement about the upcoming Liberty City Anime Con. It’s the third such event that will be happening in our massive media metropolis and earlier we received the rundown of the Artists and Vendors that will be appearing across the three day affair. Let’s take a look.

Vendors for Liberty City Anime Con 2018:
KISORO 40×10
J&V Anime 40×10
1st PLACE, Inc. 30×10
Best Anime Shop 30×10
Anime Crew LLC 30×10
Image Anime 20×10
Wingbot Inc. 20×10 20×10
Cartoon Passion 20×10
Phase *ID 20×10
Kathy100 20×10
New York Public Library 10×10
Studio Momotsuki & Co. 10×10
bulletproof comics inc 10×10
Cat Crossing 10×10
Maxina Storibrook 10×10
Kecky & Friends 10×10
Anime Castle 10×10
Kyoshiki 10×10
Coinbox Tees 10×10
Phantom Enterprises 10×10
Inimitable Studios LLC 10×10

Artists at Liberty City Anime Con 2018:
A Video Game Con
Articulate Constellations
Atelier Maxter
Caitlin Fogarty
Candace April Lee Illustration
Cats Cant Draw
centimetre art
Charlie and Clover
chu nap
Diamond Pancake
discint studio
Dusty Quartz studios
Edge Studio
Emily Art
Hikari wo Sagasu
Inkscribble Drsigns
Kai Texel
Melonsquare Studios
Metal Sorcery
Nina Draws
Ninja Express
Pretty Okay Pins
Puka Parade
PulsArt Studio
Quest Complete Jewelry
Screaming Witches
seki no sekai
skimlines comics & pottery
Soda Pop Studios
The Art of Kenya Danino
The Livest Otaku
Vault of Aiedes / Bittersweet Pop

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: You’ll have to pardon my not listing the website for every single reference up above as my website workload is a bit demanding at the moment with numerous “Tour and Festivals” announcements. If any of the artists and vendors in the mix are of interest to you, just copy and paste the text into Google and the results should be exactly what you need. I know, “manual labor” and an extra step – how dare I LOL. At the time of this writing I am waiting on the clearance of this outlet attending the convention. You’re going to want to get on our active social networks in advance of the event so you can walk the awesome with us and enjoy things as they happen and are noted – I anticipate a lot of time being spent on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I’d love to have you along so give those accounts some follows if you aren’t already in our corner. See you next time.

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