Lez Zeppelin in Concert (6/28/2012)

The summer heat was blazing down upon New York City and that meant it was best to get inside a venue and enjoy a smoldering Rock show with the comforts of an air-conditioner blowing around you. That made it the perfect reason to go check out the ladies of Lez Zeppelin who were doing a gig over at Abrons Art Center this evening, and since I had never seen anything at the space before I knew this was going to be a special night. Check out some side images and video from the night by scrolling down this post.

The ladies of Lez Zeppelin make sure to have a lot of merchandise on hand for their fans to indulge their financial senses in and I made sure to snare images of the lot of it for you to be best aware of what you can find when you hit one of their gigs.

While I know Pete got a whole bundle of images for you to enjoy, here are my traditionally presented “TECH” images or that which brings this stuff to aural life. I hope you don’t mind.

Put all this stuff together and we have a very wonderful and ready to take our musical minds elsewhere stage setting.

I’m sure fans always know that there are many people behind the scenes at a Rock show and while we did not get a photo of Rob who helps the band out quite a bit, we were upstairs on the balcony watching the show and got to talk to the cool young lady who was responsible for the house lights. Her name is Marisa. Cool lass for sure.

I secured a nice spot up in the balcony of the Abrons Art Center and from here I was able to snare a few videos of the performance. Sorry for some fast zooms and a little shakiness. I was not using a stand of any kind and that made it difficult. Despite this you do get the picture of what a solid band Lez Zeppelin actually are on the stage. First up is their rendition of “Thank You”

Next I captured them doing “Hey, Hey What Can I Do” as this is one of my favorite tunes by the original holders of the hammer.

Last but not least is “Kashmir”. What an amazing group of musicians and especially Miss Megan who handles all that great John Paul Jones stuff with apparent ease.

If you have not yet seen Lez Zeppelin before I highly recommend that you check them out sometime in the future. The band delivers an amazing set of this legendary music.

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