Let’s Help “Eternal Descent” Become An Animated Series

Perhaps you remember my dissecting and analyzing several issues of “Eternal Descent” late in 2010 for the growing Comic Booking It section of the PiercingMetal Blog and if not, here is a REFRESHER LINK to uhm, refresh you on our doing that. The series is the brainchild of musician Llexi Leon and the premise is that of a Supernatural based, Gothic Horror/Romance with a strong dose of Heavy Metal influx. As a longtime fan of many of these angles, I was very intrigued by the stories I read and hope to get caught up on the happenings that took place after I lost track of the series. My hectic concert visiting found little time to read so I need to fix that.

I recently received a piece of press from Llexi informing me that they were actively trying to get “Eternal Descent” to become a full on animated series and when one considers the popularity of Dethklok and “Metalocalypse” I felt this would be a very cool thing to spread the word about. We Metal heads sure seem to like our comics and animated action shows and I think that if they do it up properly, that this can be a winner right out of the gate. It would obviously be a little more serious than “Metalocalypse” which goes for the throat in its humor and premise……and….

Eternal Descent's Bad Guy Loki

it might even allow some of the Metal icons to participate in it as they had done in the comic book. The first three issues that I reviewed featured Doc Coyle from God Forbid and Gus G. from Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne’s band. That would be excellent if it could happen.

Eternal Descent's Good Guy Sirian

The images that we were sent and are posted for your indulgence really look fantastic. Very detailed and not shoddy in terms of the artistic portrayal of the characters. Loki looks like a son of a bitch while Sirian clearly seems heroic and ready to defend the innocent. Do you agree?

Eternal Descent's Femme Fatale Lyra Constance

Having read several of the comics I think that the stories might be an exciting transition to an animated feature series or film and perhaps even eventually a live action feature. Hey, we saw “The Walking Dead” go from comic book to hit television series so anything is possible right?

Eternal Descent's Femme Fatale Lyra Constance in Mortal Form

Llexi and his creative team have set up an IndieGoGo account for the project and this seems to work in the same fashion as Kickstarter does and each level of donation comes with some really cool perks. Essentially the higher the donation, the cooler the return to you as a fan such as signed comics, original artwork and even a guitar. The one thing I noticed was how all the donations will go to the project even if the goal is not met (unless I read this wrong). I think Kickstarter gives back to the donors if the goal is not met so this is a very cool thing. You can watch the trailer and perhaps even offer up some coin for the project if you believe it can work out and its something that you choose to stand behind as a fan of Metal and Comics. The link is below.

Show Support Via This Link: http://www.indiegogo.com/eternaldescent

Official Eternal Descent Website: http://www.eternaldescent.com/

For those really curious about the comic book, here is a link on Amazon.com to purchase the first trade paperback collection of the series. It features the first six issues of the title.

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