Let The Comic Con Games Begin: NYCC 2012 (10/11-10/14/2012)

Well, the day is finally here as the once looming NY Comic Con 2012 is now right here upon us and I am super excited about being able to attend as a member of the press once again. With this being the case, the core of the blogs and reports will be focused on this massive event for the next couple of days but I will do my best to get in some of the additional things that I have been a party to for good measure. If you still need a ticket you are out of luck my friends because this thing is sold out completely.

Last year I focused a lot more on the Costumed Players or Cosplay as they like to say and that was a LOT of fun to do. It was different and showcased the fans who make this stuff all the more special. Maybe I will do that again because it was also a way for me to get more folks interested in what we are doing with the blog and the main website. I’m not much of a planner when it comes to Comic Con and instead wander its halls by the seat of my pants. Maybe that is a bad thing to do but oh well, the task still gets done at the end of the day.

Oh yes, and the Social Networking will be happening for sure whenever I can do something and I plan to do Tweets, Fan Page Facebook postings and even some Instagrams. If you need any of those links you can find them right here on the blog so we encourage you to follow us and enjoy the ride. I’m double excited about today because before heading to Comic Con I get to go to SiriusXM and listen to a Town Hall session being done with the almighty KISS. I’ve mentioned that they’re my favorite band and “yes”; I will be posting stuff about that as well when I can sit down and knock something out for you.

See you at NY Comic Con my friends. Don’t hesitate to say hello if you recognize me wandering around the expo. I will be dressed as me for the Con (sing I figured that was the easiest outfit to sport LOL) but if your own outfit is outstanding you might find me wanting to feature you here as well.

Official Website: http://www.nycomiccon.com

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