Let The Comic Con Games Begin: NYCC 2011 (10/13-10/16/2011)

If you have been reading the Official PiercingMetal Blog for awhile you might recall that we had attended and covered the incredible NY Comic Con in 2010 as a member of the registered press.  After I had presented several blogs about the adventuring over those three days I decided that should the time allow, that a new journey into this realm for the purpose of reader enjoyment would be undertaken.  It was not really a difficult thing to sell myself on when it came down to it, for while its a daunting bit of journalism when you choose to be comprehensive, its still a lot of fun. When the registration process was open for the members of the press we quickly took care of that and got our credentials secured.  I could hardly wait as I wondered what kind of coolness would be in store for me and how I would present it all to the readers of the site.

This year I would be joined by my comrade in arms Peter Parrella, who many might know as the blogger and photographer Skeleton Pete.  Pete would be helping out with a few photographic things for PiercingMetal as he usually does but also would be eventually presenting his own take on the event over on his own site http://skeletonpete.com. He is a fan of a number of the mediums that will be at the Con, and I am curious to see how he spins up this mega party.

Behold The NY Comic Con 2011 Press Pass

This years convention actually spanned four days as opposed to last year’s three. So today actually begins what is considered the “Press Day” and while I am able to attend each of the event days with my credentials (as you see in the photograph below); the general idea of the Press Day is to walk about before the deluge of crushing humanity hits the Con.  Oddly enough they decided to change this from Press and Professionals only time to allow a few thousand fans to purchase four day tickets. I am not sure how this will work or not work, but lets discuss that as the blogs get written about the show. Stay tuned for all the adventure and mass hysteria. Wish me luck Metal Legions…….I’m going in.

Official Website: http://newyorkcomiccon.com

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