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LEGO Reveals All “3” SDCC 2018 Minifigure Giveaways

The Comic Con International: San Diego is just around the corner and that means more reveals on some awesome giveaways and so on. With this in mind the fine folks at LEGO brands have shared the three different minifigures that they will be giving away across the convention. They are Sheriff Deadpool, Black Lightning and Apocalypseburg Unikitty. Take a look at these cool packages.

lego, lego minifigures

lego, lego minifigures

lego, lego minifigures

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Aren’t they awesome? It’s up to you on whether or not you take them out of the package or leave them as MOC (that is “mind on card” for the non-collectors out there). Okay since we aren’t going to the SDCC with the rest of you hundreds of thousands who are, I wonder who is snagging each of these for my own personal collection. Come on now, I will be sitting at home here at the Metal Media Command HQ undoubtedly with sleepless nights as I toil into the wee hours to bring you music and pop culture entertainment that you don’t pay one thin dime for. It’s the least that you can do my friends. Being serious as I close this up, I do wonder who among you is hitting the convention and who is going to be hunting down these awesome limited edition LEGO minifigures. Chime in down below and know that I will be back with something else very, very soon. It’s how we roll around these parts.

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