“Legends Of Rock: Live At Castle Donnington” by Uli Jon Roth

Artist: Uli Jon Roth
Title: “Legends Of Rock: Live At Castle Donnington”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

The “Legends Of Rock” performance by Uli Jon Roth would find the master guitarist as the headliner for a concert taking place at the famous Castle Donnington – to make it a little more special he decided the show would also feature some of his friends who would perform alongside him during the course of the evening. The performance was documented with Uli as being a “last minute” headliner for this show that was filmed in 2001 and Uli of course was happy to oblige. There are many who know of Uli’s work and have been fans since he originally played with Hard Rock royalty The Scorpions, his abilities on the guitar have influenced thousands of guitar players and without citing any particular names, the second you hear him play you will instantly know who subscribed to his doctrine. When Uli was asked to perform he made sure to increase the level of appeal people who attended would have for this show and as result viewers get to enjoy the appearance of Michael Schenker, Pete Way & Phil Mogg (UFO) and Jack Bruce (Cream). With each of the individuals being legends in their own right it was a fantastic thing to be a part of for this audience who would get to experience it all first hand. We as viewers of the DVD are treated well for the production and sound on this release is excellent. I did sometimes have an issue with no seeing a guitar solo here and there but the overall performance level was so mind-blowing that it didn’t matter in the end, how often are you going to see these players on the same stage? With UFO’s Way and Mogg, Uli jams their classics “Rock Bottom” and “Let It Roll” along with Michael Schenker while with Cream legend Bruce, two of their most revered numbers are visited. The Scorpions fans will enjoy seeing the two former band members performing together as well. Above it all, the talent of Uli Jon Roth shines through and quickly makes you realize where a lot of the Neo-Classical guitar style comes from. Performers such as Yngwie Malmsteen made sure to expand on this format in the eighties but way back in the early seventies Uli was one of the key reasons for it coming into play. All players of the form owe him a world of thanks and respect. This was also an easy DVD to sit through and watch from start to finish (an important factor for any film). I did not find myself bored or scanning through tracks at any time.

As an added bonus, the full concert is presented on two CD’s for those that might prefer to listen to this on the stereo instead of watching. I was happy to find no material cut from the CD’s as one will often find when both products are packaged together. There is a full-color booklet inside where Uli explains the show and how he came to the decision on who should take part in it with him. There are a lot of great photos and this is sure to sate the appetite of his fans and perhaps make the novice just a little hungrier for more. This DVD set comes with high recommendations and is especially directed at the guitar players who might be reading. If you consider yourself a fan of the Neo-Classical styled guitar led bands, then make sure you get a copy of this to see someone paved the way for them all.

Song Listing:
1. Trail In The Wind
2. Sky Overture
3. Aranjuez
4. The King Returns
5. Let It Roll
6. Rock Bottom
7. Sunshine Of Your Love
8. White Room
9. All Along The Watchtower
10. Little Wing
11. Doctor Doctor
12. Fireworks Jam
13. Atlantis
14. Midnight Train – bonus
15. Spoonful – bonus

Official Web site: www.ulijonroth.com

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