“Legend Land” by Leaves’ Eyes

Artist: Leaves Eyes
Title: “Legend Land”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Genre: Gothic Atmospheric Metal
Rating: 4/5

Picking up where “Vinland Saga” left off, we find the return of Leaves Eyes and their latest EP “Legend Land”. The six song release offers five new tracks along with an additional version of the title track in an expanded form. This EP is a must-have if you already like the group for it follows seamlessly in the same patterns as their excellent predecessor to it. The themes of Viking lore most prevalent once again but still remain fresh courtesy of the lovely Liv Kristine, whose melodies are enchanting as always. The title track is a powerful number and also features Alex who handles the Dark vocals in this Beauty and the Beast vocal styled band and again he delivers the point and dramatics to the songs as necessary. Musically there are few bands who sound like Leaves Eyes, despite their being one of many female fronted Metal groups. There is a deep Gothic sense, but also a lot of Atmosphere and with Kristine singing about Vikings and her native Scandinavia there is a sense of Folk to the whole presentation. One cannot say that they are another Nightwish or Epica or Within Temptation as Leaves Eyes stands very clearly on their own feet with their own accomplishments to support them. While I would have preferred a full album from the group there is nothing bad that I can say about this EP as every song provides a level of enjoyment and made the release a repeat play on the changer time and time again. “Legend Land” is a good track on its own but “Skraelings” is a very interesting number in the way the rhythms pound and then slow down on turns and use all sorts of vocal styles. “Vikings Word” is a decent number but my overall favorite would be “The Crossing” as this possessed a little of all the feels one finds in this band.

It’s definitely a heavier release at points than could be found on the bands last two releases and perhaps this is the Atrocity side coming more into focus as material gets written. Readers should be aware that Leaves Eyes is also the band Atrocity but with Liv Kristine fronting them and redirecting the musical output instead of Alex. The teaser should sate those hungry for new music from the band for awhile. The recently completed a tour with Blind Guardian and I am sure that these shows opened up doors for them in terms of new fans. I am looking forward to their next full length album.

Track Listing:
1. Legend Land
2. Skraelings
3. Viking’s Word
4. The Crossing
5. Lyset
6. Legend Land (extended)

Official Website: www.leaveseyes.com

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