“Last Decade, Dead Century” (remaster) by Warrior Soul

Artist: Warrior Soul
Title: “Last Decade, Dead Century” (remaster)
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 3/14/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 9/10

A politician, musician, prophet, genius, and raving madman. All of these being parts that make up the sum of Kory Clarke lead singer of the 90’s act Warrior Soul. This 90’s band was far different from the “Seattle” era bands and fell far away from the Metal happenings the remaining 80’s were tossing our way and yet despite the overall originality, only a choice few paid attention. Warrior Soul was a New York band and they spoke of life, injustice, and angst long before the likes of groups like Korn or Otep decided to mix those messages with their music. Socially relevant and somewhat prophetic, the words of Clarke rang the bell of truth for any who heard him. I think that the shifting in musical styles at the time caused Warrior Soul to be overlooked by people who would have loved them having been given the chance. The band featured Kory Clarke (vocals), Pete McClanahan (bass), Paul Ferguson (drums) and John Ricco (guitars) and lucky for us Escapi Music has chosen to remaster the five releases by the band in remastered and expanded editions. On their debut “Last Decade, Dead Century” the messages Clarke has for society are lined out from the opener “I See The Ruins” to the politically charged “Superpower Dreamland”. Laments to the unpopular come forth in “The Losers”, while my personal favorites “We Cry Out” & “Trippin’ On Ecstacy” receive new life and in your face effect. “Downtown” speaks of life as Kory lived it while “Lullaby” is one of the most solemn ballads I had ever heard. A moment of soap boxing preaching is delivered during “Four More Years” which in a distorted and eerie voice, a cryptic view of the goings on in society is spoken about.

I was proud to have been a fan from the release that this album originally saw and it received regular rotation on a friends college radio show. Now is the time to remember and relive this band, and for the new listener well you can simply pay attention. This is a must have for people who want relevant subject matter and deep lyrical content to their music.

The remastered edition of “Last Decade, Dead Century” includes three bonus live tracks which are not professional board recordings and seem more audience bootleg. However, there is some inherent charm in this as you hear them from the direct listener perspective and while a tad low end you are able to relive the band in the live sense. It amounts to something in my opinion.

In today’s music world Clarke is a member of Dirty Rig, whose debut CD will also be available on Escapi Music.

Track Listing:
1. I See The Ruins
2. We Cry Out
3. The Losers
4. Downtown
5. Trippin’ On Ecstacy
6. Four More Years
7. Superpower Dreamland
8. Charlie’s Out Of Prison
9. Blown Away
10. Lullaby
11. In Conclusion
12. Charlie’s Out Of Prison (live)
13. The Losers (live)
14. I See The Ruins (live)

Official Web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrior_Soul

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