Lacey Sturm Announces 2017 Tour with Palisades and More

Fans of former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm might be excited at the notion of her upcoming headlining tour with the band Palisades, Stitched Up Heart and up and comers Letters From The Fire. Check out the cool poster.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I didn’t line out all the venues that she is performing at since I didn’t have an easy run down to copy and paste for you but everything is noted as far as cities go in the poster and if you click on THIS LINK you will be brought to Lacey’s touring page that denotes the stops. I just love that Lacey refers to her fans as “Sturmtroopers”. I find that hilarious especially since I am posting this particular touring notice on the release date for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. Now I must admit that I never really followed Flyleaf or Lacey’s solo career afterwards so if I go to this show when it comes to NYC at The Marlin Room, its pretty much all going to be new to my musical mind. I have seen Stitched Up Heart a few times and love what they do AND have seen the singer for Letters From The Fire fronting another group as a fill in and she rocks. This is the kind of show that is musical education to me from beginning to end and I am going to arrive early and stay late. I suggest you do the same. It drops by our region in early February and I wonder what you readers think about this one. Will you be heading to one of the shows? What are we in store for as newbies? Any insight is welcome.

Official Websites:
Lacey Sturm:
Stitched Up Heart:
Letters From The Fire:

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