Kittie @ B.B. King Blues Club (8/11/2007)

Kittie was in NYC once again and we made sure to make their visit a welcome one. To check out words and images from the gig just click scroll down to enjoy the article.

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Artist: Kittie
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Silent Civilian,
Date: 8/11/2007
Label: X of Infamy Records

Canadian Metalists Kittie would return to New York City as they continued to support their latest album “Funeral For Yesterday” on the “Sweet Revenge Tour”. Their last show in the Big Apple was in February 2007 and this appearance found them supported by the throttling Metal power of In This Moment, Walls Of Jericho, 36 Crazyfists and Dead To Fall. That show was intense and I have to admit that I became an instant fan of both ITM and WOJ that very night and owe it all to Kittie for bringing them on the road with them. Now on the apparent second go round the tour would find them with Silent Civilian, It Dies Today, Bring Me The Horizon and Blessed By A Broken Heart but with a hectic schedule beforehand I was unable to catch anyone other than Kittie. I arrived early enough to do an interview with the girls that was informative and fun and you can read that elsewhere on these pages. The Lander Sisters were ready to Rock and that was a certainty and with that last NYC gig their fans were introduced to their newest members Tara McLeod and Trish Doan. What I was not aware of at the time of our interview was that bassist Trish was ill and not able to do the tour. In her place would be bassist Jeff Phillips from the band Thine Eyes Bleed and his presence would actually work out well as he was once a guitarist for the band when a spot opened up and his contributions were necessary.

To be honest I never totally followed Kittie’s career and was always more of a casual listener to their stuff from the fringe but I have to admit that I always admired their tenacity and abilities under some truly adverse conditions. The band has had a number of lineup and label changes over the years and now for the most part are doing these tours on their own dollar. If you think that it’s an easy thing to do than you are more than insane. So as we walked into a decently crowded venue I noticed that all those around me were the hardcore fans. Those who had followed the band from the earliest years and stuck by them whenever they could. It’s the kind of crowd that you know the band themselves are very aware of and appreciative of because you can tell by the way they address the audience during the performance. In comparison to the February show I can say that the set list tonight was very close to the one I caught them doing for that gig with the exception of one or two numbers. It would be a strong concentration of the new material as you might expect of a band with new product to sell along with those tunes which are considered established “classic Kittie”. They were musically tight this evening and I was finding that guitarist Tara McLeod was coming off as a lot more confident as a member of the band. She seemed fine the last time around don’t get me wrong, but tonight she just seemed to exude a higher level of confidence after the amount of touring that they had been involved in. Morgan and Mercedes definitely show that they “lock” together musically and my guess is that this is far easier for them than most bands based on their not only being related but in their working together in this for so many years. Kittie has recently hit eleven years as a band and through it all the sisters remain strong. Jeff was solid as a rock on the bass but I was sad not to find the talents of Ms. Doan present tonight and can only hope that she is on the way to a speedy recovery from whatever ails her. The attending audience did seem to like Jeff’s presence and it was either that they were welcoming back his input or just fans of his playing on the whole.

Out of the material that they performed during the night I would have to say that the winning tracks for me from the new release were “Funeral For Yesterday”, “Breathe” and the nights closer – “Never Again”. Tonight I felt that the new album had worked quite well and impressed far more in the live sense than it did the first time around. I am guessing that it was based on my having the release for a couple of months now as opposed to in February where it was a matter of days. Singer Morgan and drummer Mercedes are ever the constants in the band and as expected Morgan does all of the talking for the band on stage. She looked great and is truly a Rocker Chick that is dedicated to her fans and loves them very much. She gets their full attention and keeps them on the edge in anticipation. They respond very well to everything she says and hold the Kittie banner in highest regard no matter what happens in the bands life. It’s cool to witness from the side as I was able to do being more of an occasional fan. All in all the fans and everyone who was merely among the curious had a nice time tonight and based on this you could be rest assured that Kittie would again return to perform for their faithful followers.

Set List:
1. Witch Hunt
2. Breathe
3. Oracle
4. Funeral For Yesterday
5. Slow Motion
6. What I’ve Always Wanted
7. Pussysugar
8. Look So Pretty
9. Everything That Could Have Been
10. Last Goodbye
11. Mop
12. Flower Of Flesh And Blood
13. Spit Medley
14. Never Again

After the set we secured a few moments of the girls time in order to bring you this group shot of them all together.  The stand in male bassist Jeff was no where to be found so we had to do this without him.  Sorry dude.

Kittie: Morgan Lander, Tara McLeod & Mercedes Lander

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