“KISS My A**” [DVD] by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “KISS My A**”
Label: Mercury/Universal Music
Release Date: 1/25/2005
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

This DVD was released as a companion to the CD bearing the same name and on it we saw music superstars like Garth Brooks and Lenny Kravitz giving us their versions of KISS classics. There were a number of good performances on the record and served as a reminder that more people were influenced by KISS than you would have perceived. With the DVD you don’t get an exact copy of the music from the CD with all of those artists and instead are treated to a plethora of vintage makeup clips that are shown in full. When KISS released “X-Treme Closeup” the viewer was able to see a lot of these clips but they were not presented in their entirety. Having them in full to enjoy the complete song was a pleasant change to be found on this DVD. In the format of the CD we do have Anthrax doing their rendition of “She” and The Gin Blossoms performing a nice version of “Christine Sixteen”. The two tracks are pretty much shown as a whole but not a lot more in that aspect is showcased. KISS makes sure to treat you to added interview commentary and thoughts as well as maintaining a focus on vintage makeup era clips. The big product at the time was the comprehensive “KISSStory” book. This was a massive photo history tome that was 9 pounds and 400 pages. Gene and Paul give some background on this as well. There are 13 full clips with several being from the “Love Gun” and “Dynasty” tour which are nice to see. However, the teaser aspect of this makes you want the full show no matter how good or bad the quality is. KISS fans being very strong in what they want to purchase from the band will jump for even the grainiest of footage. Let’s hope for more full-content vintage shows in the future.

As this is a direct transfer of what was featured on the original VHS release you will find no bonuses or anything along those lines. However, I felt that the presentation of the classic clips in their entirety made up for this and gives you a worthy purchase for the KISS DVD library you are building.

Song Listing:
1. Parasite – 1975
2. Do You Love Me – 1977
3. Radioactive – 1979
4. Move On – 1979
5. Love Gun – 1992
6. NY Groove – 1979
7. She (by Anthrax)
8. Makin’ Love – 1977
9. Christine Sixteen (by Gin Blossoms)
10. I Love It Loud – 1982
11. C’mon And Love Me – 1976
12. Hooligan – 1977
13. Shock Me – 1977
14. I – 1981
15. Take Me (rehearsal) – 1976
16. She – 1976
17. Black Diamond – 1976

Official Web site: www.KISSonline.com

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