KISS @ Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany (5/23/2017)

Unsere abenteuerliche Reporter Kat Electric wurde weiterhin Ihr live Konzert Beutezüge (oh I’m sorry, let me start that again)….so our adventurous reporter Kat Electric was continuing her live concert forays and brings us along with an overview of the KISS show at Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany. Here we go.

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Artist: KISS
Venue: (Germany)
Opener: n/a
Date: 5/23/2017
Label: Universal Music

So I’ve mentioned only recently that I am in Germany supposedly visiting family, but little do they know they just paid the fare for a one-way ticket to an endless summer of German-style rock ‘n’ roll festivities. I’ve recovered from the legendary Cactus – now…

There was no chance of passing up the opportunity to put my little brother in KISS makeup. Ever since I started liking them, he loathed KISS, but there we were jumping on the subway headed to see the hottest band in the world at the German equivalent of MSG. What can I say? They’re my favorite band, and with good cause. On top of that, they absolutely kill every set without fail.

As usual, they had a grand entrance to “Deuce”. As soon as Paul Stanley was done dancing around, he gave a minute of silence for the victims of the Manchester attack and then the show went on. Every number was high energy rock & roll and individually worth the cost of admission. They ran out “Flaming Youth” from Destroyer which was a bit unusual, but a pleasant surprise. Paul sported a German flag guitar and even asked, “what’s up” in his patented KISS-ish German, “Wie geht’s, people?”. Connecting with his people, he explained that his mother is from Berlin, so being in Germany is like a homecoming for him. As per usual, he did his flying over the crowd routine and put the back of the Festhalle right up first row and in front of the stage for “Psycho Circus,” and “Black Diamond”.

Paul is KISS’s grandest showman for sure, but the competition with Gene Simmons for crowd memories is as intense as ever. Gene raised his demon wings and flew across the stage spitting blood and breathing fire to ecstatic response. Tommy Thayer sang “Shock Me” and shot up the stage with his flaming guitar as if it were ‘79 all over again. Eric Singer did his best Peter Criss by taking lead vocals on “Black Diamond”. There was confetti, more acrobatic playing while hovering over the stage, and it all ended with a great big bang. Pure and perfect KISS.

I’m not too sure what the future has in store for me, but outdoing the crowd for KISS will take a true native. Follow me to the annual Hessen Fest as I experience the Scorpions front row with the two coolest teenage kids.

KISS Set List:
1. Deuce
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Lick It Up
4. I Love It Loud
5. Firehouse
6. Shock Me
7. Guitar Solo
8. Flaming Youth
9. Bass Solo
10. God of Thunder
11. Crazy Crazy Nights
12. War Machine
13. Say Yeah
14. Psycho Circus
15. Black Diamond
16. Rock and Roll All Nite
17. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
18. Detroit Rock City
19. God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You II @Tape

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