“King For A Day” (Single) by Battle Beast

Artist: Battle Beast
Title: “King For A Day”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 12/15/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’m going to assume that a lot of you are still in the unaware about the Finnish Metal Band Battle Beast since they’ve only released on album on this side of the Atlantic so far with the Nuclear Blast Records label. They also haven’t been here on a tour yet but will be addressing that in the coming year as one of the support bands for the mighty Sabaton. The tour will find the Finns celebrating a brand-new album of their own entitled “Bringer Of Pain” and they recently unveiled the first single with “King For A Day”. Here’s a few thoughts about the tune.

Now I cannot say I am the complete study on the band myself, but have really found the bits and pieces that I have heard very interesting. I was anxious for this new track since I wanted to properly absorb it. It begins with a solid riff and its almost immediate that singer Noora Louhimo makes her first and quite promising impression on the listener with a soaring and powerful register. I had trouble comparing her to another singer but I think if you enjoy Doro and even what Kobra Paige is doing in her band that she will be to your liking. The lead guitar work is nice by twin axe slingers Joona Björkroth and Juuso Soinio for sure, but it’s the atmospheric keyboards of Janne Bjorkroth that raise the bar of the track. I love powerful keyboards in a Metal band and it was great to hear this one. The chorus is a catchy one that makes this a definite sing-a-long number for their concerts. I liked it and feel that you will as well. The full “Bringer Of Pain” album will arrive sometime in early February and you can count on a full review once I get myself a copy.

Track Listing:
1. King For A Day

Official Website: http://www.battlebeast.fi/

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