Killswitch Engage @ Roseland Ballroom (3/1/2007)

Killswitch Engage was back and ready to crush a soldout Roseland Ballroom tonight. They would be performing with Dragonforce, Chimaira and He Is Legend and we were able to document the full show and get photos of three of the bands. To check out more about this incredible event just scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Killswitch Engage

Artist: Killswitch Engage
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Dragonforce, Chimaira, He Is Legend
Date: 3/01/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

It was dubbed the “No Fear Music Tour” and that’s pretty much par for the course when it came to Killswitch Engage invading The Roseland Ballroom for a night of Metal mayhem. The group would be supporting their newest release “As Daylight Dies” and bring with them the ever hot Metal presence of Dragonforce, the crunching riffs of Chimaira and He Is Legend. Those that were able to snare tickets for the show would surely get a lot of value for their money tonight. I made sure to arrive early enough to see all the bands for this one and by the look of it – hundreds and hundreds of other Metal heads had the same idea as me. It was sure to be a good night and here is a little bit of the action for you to absorb.

He Is Legend: They started the show off and this would be the first time that I saw them or even heard their music for that matter. I admit that they did not have bad stuff but it’s a little difficult to fairly gauge whether you like something or not when you have only the name as a reference point. There was more of a Hard Rock meets Southern Rock thing going on in this band and that made them an interesting choice as opener for a show like this one. I would enjoy getting the chance to see them perform again after a little more research can be done or music can be listened to. The crowd responded well and that was surely a plus.

Chimaira: Tonight’s show would be the herald for their newest album “Resurrection”, and I say this because the CD would hit the streets the following week. I felt lucky to have heard it before for purpose of review and can honestly say that I liked them a whole lot more as a result. I had caught them on a couple of occasions and they are brutal in the live sense and intense in their delivery. Their set would only be seven numbers and include “Resurrection”, Power Trip”, “Nothing Remains”, Empire”, “Severed”, Dehuman” and “Pure Hatred”. The audience would get a treat with the first time ever performance of “Empire”. They hit the stage hard and used their past experiences to incite the audience into fervor. Most pits were beginning during this set to say the least.

Dragonforce: The appearance of Dragonforce on this bill was one of the main reasons that I was at this show in the first place. I caught onto them just as their second album hit, and as soon as I realized what they were capable of on “Sonic Firestorm”, well I knew I would be hooked. Their latest release has been breaking records for a little over a year it seems and once people crank up the power of “Inhuman Rampage” you find t-shirts and see air-guitar everywhere. The band has a level of energy that is perceived on album but best experienced in the live sense. They hit the stage like an assault force and are impossible to focus on as every member bounds and leaps around the stage. Fans of blistering lead guitar work really get their fill in the capable hands of Herman Li and Sam Totman. The pair challenges each other night after night trading lick for lick, screaming lead for screaming lead. They also seem to have a lot of fun mugging for the audience as they do this and they leave it to you to decide who is fastest of them all. The speed factor in Dragonforce does not limit the bands musical ability and instead allows them to thunder through a technically proficient set with ease. Lead singer ZP Theart belts out the high notes from under the curly mane of hair he possesses and runs around the stage in equally exhaustive fashion. You get tired just watching them do this, and the pounding of the rhythm section of LeClerq and Mackintosh leaves you feeling as though your heart wants to leave your body. I was sad to find the bands set on the short side tonight with only seven numbers. However, they do have long songs so I don’t think anyone was left for want on anything except a tank of oxygen. Highlights of the set were “My Spirit Will Go On” and “Through The Fire And The Flames” among others. Catch them in concert if you see they are returning. You will not be disappointed.

Killswitch Engage: I’ve always been more of a casual fan of KSE rather than a diehard like some of my friends so it was cool for me to see them headlining this show. An obviously exciting end to the night and you could tell that the guys were super juiced to be on this great stage. The Roseland Ballroom is terrific for a show of this magnitude as its spacious and not too overwhelming to the attending crowd. From many vantage points you can see and become part of the action. So KSE hits the stage like reigning Kings who had been gone for too long with singer Howard Jones getting everyone all riled up and more excited that they had thought possible. The downside would be the fact that Adam D. would not be present for this gig and apparently other dates to follow due to issues with his back. In his place tonight would be Patrick Lachman from Damageplan, so he made sure to make up for the absence. He was intense on stage himself and a great player himself. The guys would touch on the new release a couple of times and this is a solid album which should appeal to most of their fan base and of course be sure to add their most signature numbers in as well. The closer would come as a complete surprise to me in a rousing version of Dio’s “Holy Diver”. It is clearly a song that Metal heads of all ages know very well which made this a show-stopping end without question. KSE has shown to be a band with staying power as far as the Metal core scene has gone and with concerts like this and their new music prove that they will be around for some time to come.

Dragonforce Set List:
1. Revolution Deathsquad
2. Fury Of The Storm
3. Operation Ground And Pound
4. My Spirit Will Go On
5. Through The Fire And The Flames
6. Valley Of The Damned

Killswitch Set List:
1. Daylight Dies
2. A Bid Farewell
3. Life to Lifeless
4. My Curse
5. Rose of Sharyn
6. Numbered Days
7. Still Beats Your Name
8. Take This Oath
9. When Darkness Falls
10. Fixation on the Darkness
11. This is Absolution
12. Darkest Days
13. Breathe Life
14. The End of Heartache
15. My Last Serenade – encore
16. Holy Diver – encore

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