“Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour – Live In Sao Paulo” by Helloween

Artist: Helloween
Title: “Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour 05/06 Live In Sao Paulo”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 2/20/2007
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 4/5

Recorded on the tour for “Keeper Of The Seven Keys 3: The Legacy”; the continuing adventures of Helloween have been captured for the world to enjoy. This particular album and tour would be one that found the legendary Power Metal masters returning more to the pure format of the genre that they helped to start so many years ago. As soon as it begins the listener is knocked down with the levels of energy and drive they bring as “The King For A 1000 Years” begins. It is truly the perfect show opener and brings the audience right into the electric vibe that a Helloween show is going to deliver. The concert set is as expected loaded with standards from the Helloween back catalog that are considered anthems in most Metal circles. I found that the band sounded as fresh as they ever did as the classics “Mr. Torture” and “I Want Out” blasted by. Singer Andy Deris has really come into his own in the band after all these years, and many know this group had a number of membership changes since their inception. Musically this is tight and energetic with resounding sing along choruses that many fans know by heart after their decade’s long support. SPV Records has also made available to the public a full DVD that features this concert along with a number of other bonus features. We saw this recently with the release for Kamelot’s “One Cold Winter’s Night”. As far as live albums go this is one of the good ones.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. The King For A 1000 Years
3. Eagle Fly Free
4. Hell Was Made In Heaven
5. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
6. A Tale That Wasn’t Right
7. Mr. Torture
8. If I Could Fly
9. Power
10. Future World
11. The Invisible Man
12. Mrs. God
13. I Want Out
14. Dr. Stein
15. Occasion Avenue
16. Halloween

Official Website: www.helloween.org

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