“Karma, Bloody Karma” by Cattle Decapitation

Artist: Cattle Decapitation
Title: “Karma, Bloody Karma”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 7/11/2006
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 4/5

If Karma has anything to do with how one’s expectation is perceived then Cattle Decapitation more than live up to the lavishly destructive combination of killer instinct and constructive chaos embedded in their own existence. Since 1997’s Ten Torments of The Damned the blood flowed, the bowels fretted and the brain fried in Cattle Decapitation’s cataclysmic karma and death drill. Bleeding from their bowls and brooding from the boils of their previous barrage, Cattle Decapitation brings forth their latest effort. Greeting Grindcore aficionados with an accentuated assault on the academician. The design of their destiny is the bloody karma of Cattle Decap’s latest cacophony. There is no guise of groundbreaking greatness, rather, it’s a refinement of their readily available assault on the aural ideal that makes Karma.Bloody.Karma so successfully sanguine.

Predictably predatory, Cattle Decapitation are successful in destroying inhibition in their incendiary approach to death metal’s more elite ideal. However, Karma Bloody Karma is little more than a next step execution of the nihilistic and pessimistic ideal the band has brooded over the last decade. The constant lineup changes took their toll on the band and as a result the release hardly compared to what their talent ultimately foreshadows. The album features guest appearances by Joey Karam of The Locust and John Wiese of Sunn0))) and Bastard Noise as well as production credits by Billy Anderson (Swans, Mr. Bungle, Melvins). However, in typical fashion, soon after the recording the line-up changes once again shook up Cattle Decapitation’s core leading to another re-interpretation of their range of extreme metal.

Letting the blood of the unbeliever flow, Cattle Decapitation’s destiny can be deciphered in the desecration of the divine during Karma.Bloody.Karma, knowing the best is yet to come in the critical analysis of their creation. In the meantime, allow your plasmic perception to perspire red in preparation of the cataclysmic destruction that is sure to come.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Unintelligent Design
3. Success Is…(Hanging By The Neck)
4. One Thousand Times Decapitation
5. The Carcass Derrick
6. Total Gore
7. Bereavement
8. Suspended In Coprolite
9. Alone At The Landfill
10. Karma Bloody Karma
11. The New Dawn
12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence

Official Website: http://www.cattledecapitation.com

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