Kaleido @ Santos Party House (8/16/2013)

kaleido logo

Artist: Kaleido
Venue: Santos Party House (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 8/16/2013
Label: Independent Artist

So a funny thing happened on the way to the Baroness show, or actually to be more specific a funny thing happened AT the Baroness show that I was attending just the other night at Irving Plaza. Let me explain…….

Periodically when I’ out on these concert reporting and photographing adventures I like to capture some of the faces that I see around me and at the recent “Gigantour” at the Hammerstein Ballroom I photographed the girl working merchandise Black Label Society and figured to include her in those shots. When I thought that I saw her at Baroness out of the corner of my eye, I wandered over to say a quick hello only to find myself visually mistaken and slightly embarrassed at my apparent need of some kind of glasses at long last. As I talked to her the guy standing next to her handed me a sticker that said “Kaleido”. I would then learn that they were themselves a band who had a night off and were visiting our fair Metropolis before doing a couple of regional gigs and then performing on the Uproar Festival. Pretty cool. That brings us to now.

Tonight my only plan was to attend the Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals show that was at Gramercy but when I found out the set times I realized that I could also catch the opening slot that Kaleido was doing down at Santo’s Party House. Away we go. The band was opening up for a group called Magnets and Ghosts who were very new to me, and apparently featured a member of Collective Soul. While I waited for Kaleido to take the stage I met a couple of that bands super fans (they called themselves this to me and it was quite interesting). Showtime was not long after 7:30pm when Kaleido took to the stage and opened with the first song on their debut EP “Open Your Eyes” and it’s a very catchy and energetic number. They’ve just released a video for the tune as well so please do a search for it. The crowd assembling at Santo’s was admittedly limited this evening but that was no fault of Kaleido as they had only just been added to the bill but those who were in the venue with me were clearly enjoying themselves. The band followed this with “See Through” and this tune had a nice groove while “Chasing Stars” spoke some positive wisdom about being behind one another through the trials and tribulations of life. Well, at least that is what I was taking from it so pardon me if I have erred. The five piece band is fronted by the lovely Christina Chriss who is a ball of energy and fire on the stage. As I watched her do her thing I detected a singer influenced by the likes of Gwen Stefani and even Axl Rose in some sense and also being an individual who was going to make fans and break hearts with each and every gig. She has a terrific vocal register and the smile she puts forth speaks to you as a member of the audience. The Musical Force is strong in this one.

Joining Christina in the band are Joey Fava (drums), Ronnie Rosolino (guitar), Jamie Allen Burnham (guitar) and Cody Morales (bass) and every member appears to offer up some great harmonies as well as solid musicianship. Overall the sound that they were putting down could be classified as a brand of Power Pop and despite this seeming like a strange qualification based on the word “Pop” being used, there is a slight heaviness and rocking groove to their stuff in the live sense. I liked that for sure. As the set played out Christina spoke of lost love with “Watch Me Walk Away” and even took the time to dedicate well wishes to some girls who had a friend celebrating a birthday with them. I felt that was rather nice. The band offered up a cover of Guns ‘n Roses “Rocket Queen” and while they did a fine job I was surprised at this particular cover and I think this might have been the first time I have seen it done by a female lead. Christina is the only one in the band who appears to address the audience but this was my first time seeing them so perhaps this is different from show to show. One of the items she brought up was that everyone who asked for one at the merchandise booth would get a band sticker. She briefly lined out that their drummer Joey had gotten into trouble with the NYPD for putting one on a pole. I guess its considered vandalism these days but don’t worry Kaleido there are plenty of bathrooms in rocking bars everywhere for you to let the world know that you were there. The band was rocking for sure and sounding mighty tight as Miss Chriss led us all to the final numbers of the set and asked the audience if we ever tapped into the darker or evil side in life (well, at least it sounded like this from my vantage point) and the song appears to be from the perspective of a woman scorned and the actions she takes to once again feel whole. Gentlemen, do not hurt anyone. The reprisal might be more than you can handle. There, that is my PSA for the night 

Their final tune was perhaps the heaviest of the set and came via “Jane” and I had to say that I was bopping my head and raising a fist up while it played through which means that I really liked this one as well even though I was enjoying the whole set. As soon as they finished they wasted no time in getting to their merchandise table and happily accepted the new people that were won over by this show. Following this appearance the Kaleido band would be hitting the Rockstar Uproar Festival at the PNC Bank Arts Center and then onto Jones Beach for more of the same. I would not be able to catch either of these shows but do look forward to seeing them on the stage again and I wish them well. I guess it’s safe to say that if you enjoy bands like Halestorm, Paramore and perhaps even Osaka Popstar in some sense then Kaleido is for you. Oh yes and before I forget they hail from Detroit Rock City (apologies for the obvious KISS reference). Check them out with my recommendation. Now it was time for me to don a little body armor for I was heading into the lion’s den of the Gramercy Theatre to see what the Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals show was all about.

Set List:
1. Open Your Eyes
2. See Through
3. Chasing Stars
4. Watch Me Walk Away
5. Rocket Queen
6. Anything For You
7. Forever Together
8. Jane

Now let’s enjoy some of the side visuals that I captured on the night of the show. As I walked up to the venue I got a glimpse of the band’s tour bus which was a actually a repainted school bus and I immediately knew that this conveyance belonged to Kaleido based on……

kaleido, kaleido tour bus,

This 🙂

kaleido, kaleido license plate,

The members of the band hanging around outside of the bus also helped. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t try to get a full group shot outside of the bus but oh well, I am sure that they will return.

kaleido, kaleido tour bus,

Fans who have been enjoying the blog aspects of our concert reviews already know that I like to add several images of the “tech” involved in the performance and that is usually the guitar effects, the drums, a microphone etc. Here are some of the implements of Kaleido’s delivery.

kaleido, kaleido guitar effects,

kaleido, kaleido guitar effects,

kaleido, kaleido drums,

Of course any road traveling band needs to make sure that they have sufficient and a nice variety of merchandise for you to indulge in. Take a look at the cool Kaleido schwag. First up was a cool signed poster of the group. I think you got this when you purchased the CD so that is always nice.

kaleido, kaleido poster, kaleido cd,

The band also had hats and they looked nice even if they are not my “thing”. I do still miss my Jagermeister painter’s cap though. I lost it at an Overkill show. Below the chapeau you will find a postcard with all of the bands Twitter accounts so you can follow them immediately. Twitter is a very powerful ally, and likely more so than even Facebook. Even PiercingMetal has one so by all means follow us as well, I will not mind 🙂

kaleido, kaleido hat, kaleido card,

Now that’s a shirt of a different color and I say it like this because I am always surrounded by black shirt after black shirt after black shirt. It’s nice to see a band that is braving some color and giving one in white to boot. Of course I would not mind seeing a Kaleido logo design on a flat black t-shirt since that is often an impacting visual.

kaleido, kaleido merchandise, kaleido shirts,

Here’s the little sticker that began this whole story in the first place. Don’t know what I am talking about with that one do you? Well, you will just have to read the full concert report to get the story. Perhaps you didn’t do that yet. Tonight Kaleido was planning on giving stickers away to anyone in the audience that wanted one. That was very nice of them don’t you think.

kaliedo, kaleido stickers,

Last but not least here is the bands debut EP, it’s self-titled and features seven tunes. Most of them were played this evening and the band was ready and willing to sign any copies that were purchased this evening.

kaleido, kaleido cd,

These next two shots were taken just seconds after the band finished performing their set. I did this kind of shot only a couple of times before and really like doing it whenever possible.

kaleido, kaleido group shot,
Kaleido in NYC (2013)

And one more for good measure.,,,

kaleido, kaleido group shot,
Kaleido in NYC (2013)

The band was on hand to sign their CD or the poster depending on what you wanted so how could I resist the chance.  I even got some Metal horns scribbled by the lovely Miss Christina Chriss.  What’s more awesome than that?

kaleido, kaleido signed cd,

Official Website: www.kaleidoband.com

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