“Jurahevin Kuninkaat” by Hevisaurus

Artist: Hevisaurus
Title: “Jurahevin Kuninkaat”
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: 6/29/2010
Genre: Dinosaur Metal
Rating: 4/5

When I began listening to the debut release by Hevisaurus, I felt that I really needed to start learning how to speak Finnish because it would make an album such as this all the more fun to absorb, especially when you realize exactly what is going on with it. It’s a piece of music that answers the oft-asked question in regards to what exactly would a Heavy Metal band sound like if the music was done by dinosaurs. OK, so maybe this is not a question that we hear all that much but despite this, the band is fronted by a Dragon and the rest of the musicians are assembled in four Metal maniacs from the Mesozoic era. Their first album is called “Jurahevin Kuninkaat” which translates to English as “Kings Of Jurassic Metal” and of course – the band is Finnish. The quick origin is that this was started by the drummer of Thunderstone (Mirka Rantenan) who had attended a children’s music concert with his own kids and it inspired him to form a Metal band for kids – using dinosaurs as the characters. I’m not sure just how the skin basher went about finding the members of the group in this modern day and age, but perhaps the powers of paleontology inspired the percussionist in the quest. Without making you wait until the bands “Behind The Music” comes to be, here is the lineup: Herra Hevisaurus (vocals), Milli Pilli (keyboards), Komppi Momppi (drums), Riffi Raffi (guitar) and Muffi Puffi (bass). Collectively they bring millions of years of Power Metal experience to the table and in the end it’s a whole lot of fun and here are some thoughts about what is to be found on the album.

It begins with a dramatic intro in “Syntyfarina” that sets up the journey and introduces the players to the audience and then it is onto the show with the rousing “Jee Hevisaurus”. There is a big sound to the music and apparently some really catchy choruses which are not that hard to pick up on even if you don’t speak the language. Just sound it out properly and sing your heart out because I am sure no one will mind your having a little fun. It moves on to the albums title track with “Jurahevin Kuninkaat” which proclaims the mighty lizards to be the true Kings Of Jurassic Metal and let’s face it, do you want to argue with a Dragon on just what his position in Metal is? I didn’t think so. Musically this particular track reminded me a lot of Stratovarius and Thunderstone and as the album progresses the listener will find tasty influences from some of the top Finnish Metal bands that we are all enjoying today. Another highlight comes via “Viimeinen Mammutti” which I believe is a ballad speaking to the last wooly mammoth. It’s nicely done and should find the cell phone PDA’s lit up when performed in concert. An important thing to remember is that this is a band aimed at the kids, but in all honesty these dinosaurs found me rocking and holding up the horns as each tune played out of the speakers and that makes me feel that even the adults will enjoy it. One of my favorites based on its overall drive is “Morri-Moykky” which is a fast moving and very fun paced song. I immediately envisioned just how much I would like this one during a live show. The playing across the board is skillful, and surely will inspire the Finnish youths about the glories of Power Metal music. It must be cool to be a younger person from Finland when it comes to getting to enjoy something like Hevisaurus. In the USA we get Justin Bieber…..looks like its time to go to Finland, or to feed the Pop singer to the Dinosaurs. Whatever works for the better.

We get a booklet but remember that the entire thing is sung in Finnish and that means even the presented lyrics are in the language. The booklet does give you some photos of the band in an animated manner and next to each song is a graphic that gives you a clue as to what the song is all about. This enabled me to know that one song was about Captain Hook, another about Popcorn and a third about being on the phone – well, I think that they are at least. I would love to see this band tour the United States because I think it would be an absolute blast of an evening, and the means for the Metal fans of today to do their parents a favor and take younger brothers and sisters someplace to get them out of their hair for a little while. I loved listening to this one and despite the language barrier had a blast letting it play at maximum volume. It’s a very short album when it comes down to it, so it will not take a lot of time away from your day. If you are a Metal fan that finds anything from this part of the world to some appeal then you should do your best to get a copy of “Jurahevin Kuninkaat” by Hevisaurus. Doing otherwise would very likely disappoint the dragon lead singer and the rest, and I don’t really think that this would be a good idea.

Track Listing:
1. Syntyfarina
2. Jee Hevisaurus
3. Jurahevin Kuninkaat
4. Kapteeni Koukku
5. Viimeinen Mammutti
6. Morri-Moykky
7. Laksyja Tulee
8. Intiaanin Sotahuuto
9. Rupu-Rupu Morko
10. Haloo, Haloo!
11. Popkornipulla
12. Rosvolaulu
13. Louhikaarma ja Ritari
14. Dinosaurusten Maa

Official Website: http://www.hevisaurus.com

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