Judas Priest Reveal “Reedemer Of Souls” As New Album Due July 2014

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Those icons of Heavy Metal in Judas Priest have just released a sample track from their forthcoming album “Redeemer of Souls” that will hit the stores in July of 2014. Clicking the banner below will let you enjoy the albums title track.

Click To Hear "Reedemer Of Souls"
Click To Hear “Reedemer Of Souls”

My thoughts are that it’s a solid and straight forward enough track that I found enjoyable but I will admit that it did not blow my doors off at first listen. Perhaps I wanted a little heavier and that is to be expected after only a few days off of the experience that was the Metal Alliance Tour. Still I love me some Judas Priest and they remain one of my very favorite providers of the form. I hope to catch them on this tour having missed the one that gave us the “Epitaph” film and with that being the case I figure if I am not back on point that I risk my Metal paperwork being looked at with levels of scrutiny by the Elder Gods of the genre. No one needs that red tape after all 🙂 Start getting excited for some new Priest and “Go!”.  Oh yeah, please let me know what you think of this new tune in the comments below.  I’ve left them open for you to be able to do so.

Official Website: www.judaspriest.com

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