“Jee HeviSaurus” Official Video by HeviSaurus

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When my good friend returned from Finland and brought me a whole stack of Finnish Metal bands I would never have anticipated my enjoying a group that dresses like Barney dinosaurs and plays some catchy Heavy Metal music but I did. As my album originated in Finland, it would come out earlier than here in the United States and thereby get a quick review that you readers can peruse HERE. I did the best that I could since the entire thing was in Finnish in terms of the song and the enclosed booklet but I did really get a kick out of that album. Now for those who aren’t even remotely tuned in to what I am speaking about I have the bands video for the song “Jee HeviSaurus” which I learned was the third single from that album. Take a look at the clip, enjoy it and be aware that you are not at all hallucinating.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Amazing right? Absolutely mind-boggling and fun from beginning to end. I loved the idea of the band playing a giant arena and I think that this is actually a possibility over there as opposed to here where the attention span is steadily fleeting by. I loved the whole idea of this and am hopeful that some of the regions promoters get on point and bring this to our side of the ocean. This can easily play in the Irving Plaza or Best Buy Theater since they have sufficient room for the production. As much as I love my B.B. King’s and the smaller Mercury Lounge, this kind of show would be lost in them. Let’s face it, this is a band made up of dinosaurs so we will need to go big and watching the younger generation rocking out to it just made me smile. You know you liked it as well.

Official Website: http://www.hevisaurus.fi

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