“Jack In The Green” – Live In Germany 1970-1993″ by Jethro Tull

Artist: Jethro Tull
Title: “Jack In The Green” – Live In Germany 1970-1993
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 5/20/2008
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

There was always something special about the music of Jethro Tull that kept drawing the fans of both Classic and Progressive Rock together in unison. The skillful blending of conventional Rock themes with the use of the flute was truly something different when the band first came upon the scene some forty years ago and its appealing sound when put together with the odd time signatures and experimentation of Progressive Rock themes helped them to not only become one of the best bands of the time, but also to maintain a legendary status that has proven inspirational for bands that followed them. The DVD “Live In Germany” features about forty five minutes of a show that was filmed back in 1982 and while this was loaded with Tull standards I was curious as to why we just didn’t get the full show as opposed to a segment of it. The show was called “RockPop” and after this piece we jump a little forward to 1986 for “Hunting Girl” filmed during Rocksummer and then to a section called “Out In The Green” which was also 1986 and gives us four more numbers. From there we skip a few years and arrive in 1993 for two more tunes. The release closes up with two very vintage songs from 1970 and these were filmed for television and find Anderson stopping the band because they were not on point when he wanted them to be. It’s nice to have all of this stuff in one place, but you can see where the somewhat sporadic and jumping nature of it could be annoying. These clips are definitely something that the diehard Tull fans have in their collection on bootlegs from the various trading groups that are out there but in the end this is pretty nice to have one a crystal clear DVD that delivers top-notch audio as well.

Clearly the best stuff is the largest portion of the piece from the first numbers we see that were taken from the bands “Beauty and the Broadsword” tour but again I was left wondering why not just release a full show of this tour and leave all the rest of the stuff as bonus features. Perhaps the reasoning lies in the fact that the full show was unavailable or maybe worse, existing and in the end unusable. The back and forth nature of the release made me think of those tapes I used to make whenever a band I liked was performing on the television. You would catch a few songs from this show, and follow them with other songs from another show. Somewhere in my archives there has to be at least 5 KISS videos with their various appearances on the networks. Of course there are also about a hundred different performances of “Rock & Roll All Nite”, but don’t tell Gene on me since I no longer even know where these are. A downside of this DVD is that no bonus footage is presented to the viewer and what we see from the main menu is all that we will get. That was a shame because Tull is a band that has a lot of material and there has to be a ton of footage just waiting to be released. The abilities of DVD offer a lot of space and time to fit a really comprehensive release up with ease. There is a booklet included that is worthwhile reading and this features not only additional photos from the time period being delivered but also commentary from several different writers about each segment. I liked this since each spoke of the relevance of the time that was being displayed. This might be more for the diehard fans but even as a casual listener I had to say that it was enjoyable. As expected of someone like me, I was most interested in the hits and with “Aqualung” and “Locomotive Breath” being delivered I was pretty much good to go. The other songs became an extra treat to enjoy. The archivists can now safely let go of the VHS footage of this stuff that they have been sitting on and maybe it can even make a present to someone who they want to learn about one of their favorite bands. It’s definitely educational material when it comes down to it.

Track Listing:
1. Hard Times
2. Pussy Willow
3. Heavy Horses
4. Jack In The Green
5. Keyboard Solo
6. Sweet Dream
7. Aqualung
8. Locomotive Breath
9. Cheerio
10. Hunting Girl
11. Thick As A Brick
12. Black Sunday
13. Improvisation II
14. Too Old To Rock ‘N’ Roll, Too Young To Die
15. My Sunday Feeling
16. So Much Trouble
17. With You There To Help Me
18. Nothing Is Easy

Official Website: www.jethrotull.com

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