“It’s Time To Decide” by At All Cost

Artist: At All Cost
Title: “It‘s Time To Decide”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: 9/20/2005
Genre: Metalcore
Rating: 6/10

At All Cost, bringing us their debut album on Combat Records is from Austin, Texas. With members Trey Ramirez (guitar), Andrew Collins (vocals), Grant Anderson (drums), Bobby Andrew (bass) and Michael Theo bald (guitar), “It’s Time To Decide” was born. Another dose of what is commonly called “metalcore” At All Cost incorporate elements of metal with soaring guitars and melodic vocals, with elements of hardcore, bringing in hard beats and fierce vocals. A combination that has become very popular and done by many as of late, At All Cost gives it a fair shot.

The odd part about this band is they are innovative. Through all the hardcore, tough exterior that some of the songs display, this band isn’t afraid to have breakdowns during songs that showcase the softer, contemporary side of their music. From the beginning you knew this album would be different. The first track “Death To Distraction” has a very danceable vibe to it. “The Irony” is a full out typical hardcore song. Stomping beat with crushing vocals, “The Irony” is one of the more traditional tracks on the album. The track right after, “This Pen” displays the band’s diversity and also has backing female vocals, giving the song a whole new appeal that is refreshing and welcome. Finally, winding down the album, the song “It Burns Black” an all instrumental track, showcases the more beautiful, musical ability of this band. In this track the violin can really be heard and gives their sound a surprise twist. Overall pretty decent, and though they are doing what’s been done a million times before, through their innovation they might be on to something here.

Track Listing:
1. Death To Distraction
2. The Formula
3. Human Now
4. Polish The Nightmare
5. Right Now
6. Fabricated
7. Consider That
8. The Irony
9. This Pen
10. The Hook
11. It Burns Black
12. The Return
13. What Is Left To Inspire?

Official Website: http://www.atallfuckingcost.com

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