It’s Official: Guns ‘N Roses To Reunite At Coachella 2016

So yes it’s official and no longer speculation or hushed rumor and detective work based on subtle cryptic hints around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Guns N Roses are “reuniting” and their first two gigs will be at this years Coachella music event in April. Now the question that remains is do you give a crap?

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I position it like this because while I realize that there are many fans out there who are viewing this as this biggest news for music in ever; I have also talked to people who are marking this high on their “0 F**ks” list. Now I don’t really know how much of a reunion this is going to be because at the time of this writing the only official members that I know of who are participating in this are Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. There was no mention so far of who is on drums and if its going to be Adler, Sorum or Ferrer nor has it been revealed if we will get Izzy, Dizzy or maybe even Gilby Clarke. I guess I will have something else to post once the full on lineup gets revealed but the news for now is that they are headlining two nights of the two weekend long music festival that happens in the second week of April. There are a ton of other acts playing this thing which you can peruse on the poster below. How many of them do you like from this list?

Poster - Coachella 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told I am on the fence about this as being supreme news. I think its cool but I also think that its long overdue in terms of something to do “for the fans” (please read that as for the money because you know that it what it always amounts to). I’ve been a fan of GNR for a super long time and still regret saying to my friend that I will pick up that copy of “Live Like A Suicide” next week when I saw a single copy in the miscellaneous section of my local record store so many, many years ago. That LP is worth a pretty penny nowadays and well, no use still bitching about it (much). Oddly enough I never ever saw the band in concert and I can add an additional kick in the posterior back to the days when they played L’Amour and had Skid Row opening up but I gave the tickets to one of my music students. Oh well, the decisions we make right? So back to the reunion. I’m wondering what is going to happen with this and how far it can actually go. Axl has already cancelled and appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show that was set to air this evening and many were saying for days before “do not miss Kimmel on Tuesday” and well now unless you are a diehard of his show its actually okay to miss Kimmel this evening. I hope it features more original members when more is revealed and I hope that I finally get to see these guys perform together and do these now classic tunes. What are your thoughts on the matter? Is this something that you have already taken days off from work for and started selling possessions to allow you better seats? Let me know in the comments section as its always of interest to me where the readers stand. Until next time.

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One thought on “It’s Official: Guns ‘N Roses To Reunite At Coachella 2016”

  1. I have no interest in Guns N Roses. I saw them at the Limelight back in the 80s (I forgot when Appetite came out) just to see what the hype was about.

    Axl had his hissy fits, Slash said “F You, we got your money” and they walked off the stage. The only good thing about that night was the opening band, Law and Order, who IMO kicked ass compared to GNR.

    Even their “comebacks” we’re a joke. They had many chances and screwed them all. Not that I planned to go. The Limelight show was enough for me.

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