It’s Free Comic Book Day (5/4/2013)

Well, it’s actually tomorrow but I felt that it would be better to get the word out for the masses the night before so you collectors can make your plans for some adventures at your neighborhood comic book shops. So what is “Free Comic Book Day” you might ask?

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My hope is that the phrase itself is rather explanatory since there is not much more I can say about this special event other than it’s really frigging cool and I wish that it existed when I was a young comic collecting fan. Imagine being able to get a nice stack of comics for free. That’s right, I said free and I think that its awesome. There are more details via the official link for the event and since I am in Brooklyn New York, my plan is to hit Galaxy Comics 2 in Bay Ridge and then adventure into the city to Forbidden Planet and probably Hanley’s Universe and Midtown Comics. A lot of stops for sure but why not if you can secure some awesomeness. That is all I have for this little post, if I manage to get some photos from my adventure I will add them into the post when I return home with whatever loot I secured. Will you be hitting this anywhere? Would love to hear in the comments.

Oh yes and before you ask, no, I do not know what comics are going to be free for this years event. Let’s hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Official Website:

UPDATE: “Later at the PiercingMetal Command HQ” – So here is how my own Free Comic Book Day adventures went. Given that I know about eight shops, I decided to try and visit at least four of them. Decided that if I secured anything extra because of pre-packaged schwag that I would dole it out to friends or their kids. I started the trek at Bay Ridge’s own Galaxy Comics 2 and since it was just after 10AM they still had a majority of the offerings. Believe it or not there was stuff already out of stock which disappointed me only based on their being some of the stuff I had wanted to grab. This was most of the Marvel and DC output but there were a couple left so those I took along.

The idea was to hit Forbidden Planet next as they were dishing out twenty comics in a packet already made, so it would be hit or miss on what you took home. However, thanks to numerous construction issues with the trains, everything was running local, and to make it even better there was a signal issue at the main station that all trains had to pass through. So over one hour to make a thirty minute trip and only to arrive at Forbidden Planet and receive a single copy of the free “Walking Dead” issue. They had run out of bags just over an hour ago (mind you I would have been here if not for the train) and this was all they were handing out. It was annoying but found me realizing that further uptown shops might also now be out of their supplies so I browsed the store and headed home. I hope all your readers that took part in this fun today managed some success. Next year I might just stick with Galaxy Comics 2 alone and arrive when they open the doors.

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