Iron Maiden’s Moving At The “Speed Of Light” In New Video: Dig It

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Sound the trumpets as the moment is here for not only some new Iron Maiden music but a super cool video as well. I will leave off any additional narrative for now and let the Press Release that I received fill you in on the finer details but that will come after the video below so sit back, enjoy that morning coffee and prepare to Rock the F out for a few minutes.

The Press Release:
LOS ANGELES, CA – August 14, 2015 – IRON MAIDEN have just premiered the video for “Speed Of Light” on their website Written by guitarist Adrian Smith and vocalist Bruce Dickinson, “Speed of Light” is taken from their new double album The Book Of Souls due for global release on September 4, 2015 through BMG in the U.S.A. (Parlophone Records rest of world). The video will be available for streaming free on both and the band’s YouTube channel. Maiden fans can download the “Speed Of Light” song when pre-ordering The Book Of Souls on iTunes. It can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

The video was produced and directed by Llexi Leon with animation and visual effects by The Brewery Production Company. A huge Iron Maiden fan, this is Llexi Leon’s first music video. Creator of the cult comic book series Eternal Descent – an IP that digitally animated a cast list of metal & hard rock luminaries, Leon has further expanded into the video gaming industry. He chose to collaborate with The Brewery who’s previous film credits include 2010’s punk-rock inspired Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll with Andy Serkis, 2012’s music festival themed Spike Island with Emilia Clarke & more recently were providing VFX for the Sky Atlantic biopic on Ian Fleming. The video is a ‘homage’ to four decades of video gaming juxta-posed alongside Iron Maiden’s 40 years of incredible visual canon centering on their talisman, Eddie as he travels through space & time to complete his Herculean task. The Book Of Souls is IRON MAIDEN’s 16th studio album and was recorded in Guillame Tell Studios in Paris with longstanding producer Kevin Shirley.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I absolutely loved this clip and its homage to great video gaming from across the years. As what can be considered an “Old School Gamer” at this point in my life, I was getting a serious kick out of the visuals as they found different variations of Eddie facing challenges that many of us used to control via the big arcade machines of old. Part of this even made me think of the release that Maiden did called “Ed Hunter” which actually had a video game component to it. I know I still have that somewhere but doubt it will work on my Windows 10 Operating System. Maybe the band will bring that back to us on a Smartphone app or something. If you don’t know what I am talking about, its a little bit “Doom” and a little bit “Resident Evil”. Now back to the video which is very clever work by the boys for sure along with the super duper talented Llexi Leon whose work I greatly enjoyed on the “Eternal Descent” comic book. So were you viewers able to discern what specific games that the band was paying humble homage to? I think I knew but of course I am not telling you here in this piece since that would be cheating. Maybe we shall even get a digitized version of Eddie from the folks at NECA toys. Hey guys are you listening? I am very psyched about the new Maiden album and think that you should be also. Start your chanting with me now……”Maiden”, “Maiden”, “Maiden” there you go. Feel free to let me know what you thought about the clip in the comments below. That is what they are here for after all.

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3 thoughts on “Iron Maiden’s Moving At The “Speed Of Light” In New Video: Dig It”

  1. I’ve loved Iron Maiden for years – my favorite bloody band, but this track…the lyrics, they just don’t speak to me. They feel like they’d be more suited for a Power Metal group – only one man’s opinion, however. It will never shatter my respect for the band, or for Bruce.

  2. Been an avid fan for almost three decades, and I think it’s a truly rocking track. My hype-meter just went to 11!

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