Iron Maiden “Legacy Of The Beast” Comic Book Series Available For Pre-Order

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As you know, we are big fans of the comic book medium here on and have been offering up both monthly solicitations and deeper insight into numerous series on the website for several years. We grew up loving the first appearance of KISS in the comics and have seen other bands make appearances or get special issues focused on them as well. Now it’s time for Iron Maiden to join into the mix with a limited series called “Legacy Of The Beast”. Check out the first issue cover and full press release below.

The Press Release:
The first ever official Iron Maiden comic book series is coming from leading US science fiction, fantasy and horror publishers Heavy Metal Publishing. The comic books are based on the band’s hit mobile role- playing game, Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, where players battle as Eddie across the many worlds of Iron Maiden’s discography, from the ancient sands of “Powerslave” to the far flung future of “The Final Frontier”.

Comprising five fantastic issues, with an overarching narrative and incredible illustrations, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is written by Llexi Leon and Ian Edginton, with art from Kevin J. West, Jason Gorder, and Santi Casas. The first issue goes on sale worldwide from comic retailers everywhere on October 11th, but is available to pre-order online now. See full details below.

The comic book series expands on the video game narrative. As dark forces conspire to corrupt the fabric of reality, Eddie’s immortal soul is shattered and strewn across the cosmos – leaving a weakened, primal Eddie to battle across space and time facing off against the twisted legions of The Beast, seeking out the lost shards of his soul, and bringing order to the realms. With each victory, and with the aid of old friends, Eddie will restore his fearsome powers as he draws ever closer to facing the Unholy foe behind his fall… and thwarting a plot to unravel all of Creation!

Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Heavy Metal says, “As a lifelong fan of Iron Maiden, it is a privilege to publish the first official comic giving a narrative to their iconic mascot, Eddie. Heavy Metal’s near half-century-long history of either working with or launching the careers of only the most accomplished artists continues here with the amazing team Iron Maiden has working on this series”

Llexi Leon, Interactive Creative Director at Phantom Music Management says, “After 40 years of unbridled creativity, innovation, and attitude, Heavy Metal has always been a home to the greatest talent in sequential storytelling and fantasy art. With a natural affiliation to the heavy music genre, it’s a nexus point for counter culture and alternative arts. I can think of no better partner to explore Iron Maiden’s Mythology and expand the Legacy Of The Beast!”

With the 1st issue official launch date at comic retailers everywhere is October 11th, you can now preorder a copy online and get all the action delivered through your mailbox!

USA (East Coast):
USA (West Coast):—Casas%29___549670

Or ask your local comic book shop, quoting the Diamond Order Code for Issue #1: AUG171760

Creative Team:
Writers: (Story) Llexi Leon, (Script) Ian Edginton
Pencil Artist: Kevin J West
Cover Artist: (A) Santi Casas
Inks Artist: Jason Gorder
Color: Raúl Manriquez
Letters: Jacob Bascle

LOTB Volume 1 Release Schedule:
Issue #1 – October 11, 2017
Issue #2 – November 15, 2017
Issue #3 – December 13, 2017
Issue #4 – January 17th, 2018
Issue #5 – February 14th, 2018

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is a pretty good year for Heavy Metal icons hitting the comic book page as KISS will be doing a series alongside Vampirella and still has a solid series on the stands each and every month. The GWAR comic book is coming out soon and now this one with Iron Maiden’s own Eddie. I’m intrigued about this one since it comes care of Llexi Leon who we were reading with the “Eternal Descent” title a few years ago. The dude sure has a great take on Metal since he is also a musician. If you want to check out the summaries that were done for that series just click on THIS LINK to bring them up. As far as “Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast”, I will need to peruse the first issue on the stands before investing any cash into it. October is going to be a big Batman month as I’ve learned and that might find the comic book funds being applied to that series of issues. Of course this will very likely become a trade collected edition as soon as the fifth issue is off the stands and I can always get it that way. What do you readers think about this comic starring Eddie? Will you be asking your local retailer to save you a copy even if you are only curious and not a collector at all. Let me know down in the comments section below. See you next time.

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